Digging up the Dirt at Dodger Stadium (Timelapse Video)

1.5 million pounds of dirt have been dumped on the field to ready it for motorcyle and truck competitions. Watch the video of the transformation.

We'd been wondering what goes on at Dodger Stadium in this particularly crucial off season.

Opening bids, of course, are due Monday for prospective buyers of the team, with Frank McCourt due to make a decision by April 1.

But there's also this nugget from the Los Angeles Times: the field's been covered by 5,000 cubic yards of dirt--about 500 dump-truck's worth-- to create a track for last Saturday's Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series race.

Check out this Los Angeles Times video, which shows the field's transformation into an moto-friendly landscape.

To our eyes, it looks a bit like installations we've seen in the desert--a kind of "Earthworks Comes to Echo Park."

And the dirt will be there for a bit, says the Times.

There's a Monster Jam truck event there Feb. 19.

Wonder what some local artists could do with all those berms and moguls in the meantime. 


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