Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Seeks to Fill Open Seat

A position is open in region 2, covering the area just east of Silver Lake Boulevard below Sunset.

The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council (SLNC), like many neighborhood councils throughout the city of Los Angeles, provides activism, advocacy and leadership in order to help local neighborhoods.

The SLNC is a grassroots, volunteer part of city government, and has a 21-member governing board that is elected every two years, in elections such as the one held in October 2012.

However, there is currently one vacancy for a seat in Region 2 within Silver Lake. Here are the boundaries of Region 2: to the south is the Hollywood Freeway; to the north is Sunset Blvd., to the east is Waterloo; and to the west is Parkman. Region 2 is within those boundaries.

If you are a "stakeholder" in Region 2, and are 14 years old or over, you are eligible to fill that vacancy. It is a volunteer position. A person does not have to be a registered voter or a United States citizen to be a stakeholder.

A person will be a Region 2 stakeholder if he or she lives or works in Region 2, or owns a business or property in Region 2, or goes to school or attends a house of worship regularly in Region 2, or regularly participates in a community organization or effort based in Region 2.

Board members meet at monthly meetings held the first Wednesday night of each month starting at 7p.m., at Micheltorena Street Elementary School. Board members often also participate in SLNC committee efforts and community causes. If you are interested in filling the Region 2 vacancy, please come to the next governing board meeting, Dec. 5 startat 7 p.m., in the Micheltorena Street School auditorium.

If possible, bring a 100 word written statement as to why you should be selected to serve as the new board member. It is also requested that you bring some documentation, such as an ID or a utility bill or a pay stub, to show your connection to Region 2. You will also have 3 minutes to explain why you might be good for Silver Lake.

The board members will then make a decision. If you are interested, please try to email or phone SLNC co-chair Clint Lukens or Renee Nahum between now and the December 5th board meeting, regarding your interest in service: clukens@clintlukensrealty.com or reneenahum@yahoo.com, (323) 413-7562.


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