Silver Lake Asssemblyman Behind New Vintage License Plates

Mike Gatto digs deep into his Cali car past by supporting legislation to create "Legacy License Plates."

Did you grow up in California? Do you remember old jallopies with yellow California license plates? When you learned how to drive, were there blue license plates on the car? When you were buying used cars to pimp up, were there black plates on them?

Well, your Silver Lake assemblyman Mike Gatto (D) had legislation passed and signed by Governor Jerry Brown that could bring the vintage plates back on the road.

Starting Tuesday, the DMV will begin taking orders for “Legacy License Plates” to match the era of your car: Mid-Century Yellow, Sixties-Era Black, and Happy Days Blue from the 70s. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist giving the colors their own name).

If you’re a car collector, place your classic cars in shows, or just generally want an appropriate plate for your 72 ‘Stang, it sounds like a nifty service, right?

However, here’s the bureaucratic twist that makes this all uniquely Californian: It will take 2 years to get, if you even can get it at all. The DMV must reach a threshold of 7,500 paid orders by 2015 for the plates to even be made. If this number isn’t reached, your $50 fee will be refunded then.

If all things work out, car shows in Elysian Park could look a lot more colorful.


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