Review: La Feria de los Moles (Photos)

Crowds of folks enjoyed a variety of moles from Oaxaca and Puebla Sunday at Olvera Street. Patch user jeanne w. was there.

I almost didn't attend, being of the inclination to avoid crowds, food festivals, eating outside standing up, the heat, etc.

Luckily, my Jones for mole, indeed a panoply of moles, overrode my misgivings.
Titled variously as the "Festival of Mole" (singular) or the "Festival of Moles"  (plural), the basic theme is the same: mole that rocks.

I managed to arrive at 10:30, snag a loading zone, which, unbeknownst to non-L.A. natives, is a free space on Sundays & holidays.

So $10 saved from not paying for parking & more to spend on mole.

Olvera Street is virtually unrecognizable from what it was ten or 15 years ago.  They've finished much of the restoration of the original historic buildings, built a gazebo stage for performances, & otherwise cleaned things up. You might almost think you were in Mexico of the 1950s.

Hit the mole tents, pronto, tasting all along the way.

Preferred the mole w/ tamale-in-banana-leaf of one Sabores Oaxaquenos, which luckily, has a restaurant on West 8th Street, for future supping.

Had some nice horchata at Nieves Xochi Oax, whose sorbets looked delectable as well.

Very happy to have ventured into the thick of a food festival for once.




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