Bryan Stow One Year Later

The Giants fan is severely brain-damaged and living a rehab facility five hours from his family's home. The change in Dodger ownership is unlikely to affect the family's lawsuit against the team.

The family of Giants fan Bryan Stow marked March 31 quietly.

Stow, 43, was brutally beaten outside Dodger Stadium on Opening Day, March 31, 2011, and still cannot walk.

His father, Dave Stow, says he needs assistance in everything he does.

Marvin Norwood and  Louie Sanchez have pled "not guilty" to felonies related to the beating. They are scheduled to appear in court May 22.

ESPN says the change in ownership at the Dodgers will not affect the family's lawsuit against the Dodgers. Stow's medical costs could top $50 million.

Opening Day at Dodger Stadium this year is April 10.

Watch ESPN's coverage of the anniversary here.


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