What’s on Your End of the World Bucket List?

Many people believe a purported Mayan prophecy is a doomsday prediction that the world will end Dec. 21.

Suppose the Mayan apocalypse prophecy that the world will end on Dec. 21 is real. What would you do if you knew doomsday was approaching?

Would you travel? Find a long-lost love? Go on some sort of binge? Tell your boss what you really think? Take a swim in the Silver Lake Reservoir?

Please share your mini-bucket list in comments, but keep the ideas that would result in felony arrest to yourself.

Southwestern College professor Mark Van Stone said the doomsday prediction that the world will end this week is a misinterpretation of ancient Mayan text by German scientists.

Like NASA scientist Dr. David Morrison, Van Stone has been busy this year trying to calm nerves and prove the claims of apocalypse wrong, but despite all evidence to the contrary, some still believe.


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