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Death Row in San Quentin. Patch file photo.
Jeffe' July 19, 2014 at 11:09 pm
Fact: People are wrongfully convicted. Even 1 innocent person wrongfully executed is too much, theRead More fact that you are ok with that says a lot about how little you actually have thought about this. How many bad guys do we need to kill to make it ok to execute 1 innocent man? 100 to 1? 20 to 1? 1 to 1? If you think that death is the only effective deterrent to crime that matters then are also very confused. Do you really think that it is pointless to put anyone in prison, probation, or fine them, since death is the only deterrent that matters? I encourage you to actually think about your position and how you arrived at that. Killing out of emotion (revenge) in no way makes murder ok. Killing in revenge is the ultimate sign of weakness. It takes strength to hold your rage and remain a civil thinking person. I couldn't care less about revenge and consequences. The criminal justice system is about the safety of our citizens, not vengeance. Locking someone up for life is enough because it removes a killer from his potential victims. It also costs the tax payers less money than killing them. Being in favor of a policy of executing people is also incompatible with belief in Christ, and when 70% of this nation claims to be Christian it should give you a good idea how many are full of shit that this is even a debate. Bottom line: No, your immature and selfish desire to kill people does not make it ok. It does not make us safer. It solves nothing. It wastes more tax dollars, and we have and will again execute innocent people because juries and judges are composed of people, and people are fallible. If you are ok with all that you should be locked away from the rest of society where you can do no harm. Sorry for the rant, long day and I keep seeing this subject brought up everywhere I look due to the court's decision. Thank you all for letting me get this out of my system =)
Becky July 20, 2014 at 07:21 am
I feel sorry for the cruel and unusual suffering of the families who wait 20 + years for theirRead More murderer's sentence to be carried out.
Steve M July 20, 2014 at 12:15 pm
They didn't waste much time with Timothy McVeigh who killed 144 people including children but oneRead More official said that he's getting a free ticket out of this world with hardly anytime in prison.
A marijuana farmer's market opened earlier this month in Boyle Heights. The city is now trying to shut it down. Patch file photo.
Lightnapper July 15, 2014 at 01:59 pm
"City Attorney Mike Feuer said the entire operation violates Proposition D, which limits theRead More number of legal dispensaries allowed in the city, and is an unauthorized and unpermitted use of the property on Esperanza Street. He also claims the operation creates a public nuisance due to traffic and large crowds, creating safety hazards and blocking access to nearby properties." Not that I would ever attend, and the anti-Prop D argument will probably be found valid, but I just hate LA's continued embrace of double-standards by our paid employees; so, a small soliloquy is in order-- "Weekly yard & sidewalk & easement & vacant lot Used Crap Sales, and industrious Shade Tree mechanics cluttering up the front yards & working past midnight, crowing roosters at 3 AM, and illegal garage & storage shed conversions aside, let me address this one glaring oversight I noticed in zoning laws. All those ubiquitous Taco Trucks parked on the side of the road every 1/4 mile with their tables and chairs blocking the sidewalk for pedestrian & bike traffic. I'm sure they're in complete compliance with the law; especially the one utilizing Discount Tire's parking lot at Sherman Way & Laurel Canyon after dark-- with the cabanas, tables, portable lights & scores of famished people eating Roach Coach slop-- and not an Andy Gump in sight. "Wash our hands? We don't need no stinking washed hands!" Yet, law-abiding citizens know those retail food operations are in complete compliance with business codes, zoning ordinances, health codes, business taxes; and, they do not create a traffic hazard, disrupt the neighborhood with their flashing lights & blaring Ranchero music, or draw an unsavory clientele looking for post-fandango borracho barocho. But a Farmer's Market for a naturally growing plant is deemed a nuisance, unlawful, and harmful to ALL Angelinos. Please...anyone have a spare Saint's ankle bone? I have a dire need for salvation from persecution for a personal belief and physical journey as I slowly migrate away from fermented wheat, yeast & hops in a responsible manner. But hey, as long as the tax-dodging plebeians can gorge themselves on lard & cheap cuts of meat while swilling warm GMO corn syrup laced Budweiser while imbibing pesticide & miticide treated bunk Mexican Cartel Skunk Weed--cough...cough...courtesy of the Zeta Cartel and delivered by Vato street-side-- except that Shake-filled Cartel U-Haul just popped in Bakersfield-- who can judge? Why me, of course! What a bunch of hypocrites. Please with my blessing continue forward towards obesity, diabetes, alcoholism, and lung cancer loyal plebes-- and remember Special Order 90-32-A(1)-- salted meat and sugared vino for all...." Proceed to crucify.
Michael Linda Gerzen July 20, 2014 at 08:23 pm
Well "Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Joanne O'Donnell" Judge Judy look-a-like this is aRead More free market society & it promotes competition & that is good for the medical need. So you impeded the peoples wishes & the design of the law without authority. As for Mike Feuer & his Potty mouth I think both of you need to be impeached.
Buster July 21, 2014 at 08:08 pm
Mike Feuer is an ignorant dumb ass.... Hopefully this will serve to end his political career.
The union representing nearly 10,000 LAPD officers has voted to reject the city's contract offer. Patch file photo.
D. Jude July 13, 2014 at 09:29 am
Tyler Izen....go pound sand you cry baby....never enough money to feed your egos~~!! Besides...allRead More your members do is Pander to the Illegals because your Chief is a Worthless Butt kisser to the Latino Caucas~~! By the way tyler, whatever was the outcome of the accident you had involving the driver that hit you and had no insurance or driver's license?? Can't talk about it because it would Offend your Boss??.. is it true your next door neighbor is Brian Darcy??
LeeRep July 13, 2014 at 03:52 pm
Sorry Mr. Wentz I am partially blind so errors occur... no need to be rude. By the way yourRead More prejudice is embarrassing.
Frank Estrada July 13, 2014 at 05:35 pm
Agree with D. Jude...Police greed.... milk the taxpayers of more and more..Best thing to do is toRead More fire those greedy corrupt POS and hire new police that arent arrogant untrained POS who wont shoot to kill to save their asses first.......Ones that wont take fraudulently take disability just before retirement to keep thier pensions untaxable...I know of police motorcycle cops making close to $200k a year..own several side businesses and are knee deep in corruption.....Of course pandering to illegals and a rotating criminal justice sytems insures and continued game of cops and robbers, keeps the cops in demand and only allows more mayhem in a city that needs mayhem to hide all the theft to the taxpayers by public union purchased city government officials and its employees....LA city needs to be broken up NOW!!!
Bryan Stow was beaten and severely injured at Dodgers Stadium in March 2011. A jury has found the Dodgers business entity negligent in its security for the stadium. Patch file photo.
Vito Spago July 10, 2014 at 07:09 am
Deceiving headline. It was the perps that beat Stowe that were negligent. Dodgers were only 25%Read More neglient but they have to pay all because they are the only ones that can pay. Lawyers typically get 50%. I guess Stow will have to accept less medical care.
Statistics released today show that violent crime in Los Angeles is on the rise the first half of 2014. Patch file photo.
Scott Zwartz July 10, 2014 at 12:15 pm
Let's wait and see if they do give more detailed info.
emma July 10, 2014 at 02:27 pm
Guess the rest of L.A. is doing great crime wise. ..or is someone cooking the books..maybe we allRead More should move out of Hollywood, Garcetti's old council district that he has left in an on going violent crime shambles, before we get shot, knifed, or raped, to all these other 'safe' places. Bring on more of his beloved nightclubs, cheap shot bars, density, glass and steel skyscrapers...more more more.. bring in the party buses to Hollywood, the big party place (this is his revitalized 'economic development'), and more drunken shootouts, guaranteed. He has created his west coast version of Times Square, before revitalization.. and without the Broadway Theaters, with the help of the irresponsible C.I.M., BID, and Hollywood Chamber..They are destroying Hollywood..none of them actually live here.. Think of what he can, and will do with the rest of L.A! His crime stats are as 'fatally flawed' as was his false population data to justify his illegal higher density (to accommodate his developer funder's projects), Hollywood Community Plan, that a judge threw out calling his numbers..'fatally flawed' and 'wishful thinking' Why would anyone believe anything he has to say about any data or stats at this point? About anything for that matter.
CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow will meet with activists today upset about video that has surfaced, showing an officer beating a woman on the 10 Freeway. Patch file photo.
PcCrap July 8, 2014 at 04:40 pm
Now let's get the politicians out of Los Angeles so the police and our government CAN UPHOLD OURRead More FREAKING LAWS! The FIRST step an Illegal Alien takes on AMERICAN soil.... get ready... is an ILLEGAL ONE. Apply and wait in line if you want to come here. And btw - how many AMERICANS are killed at the hands of these Illegal Aliens EVERY SINGLE YEAR????? NO ONE WILL TELL YOU THE ACTUAL NUMBER BECAUSE THEY HAVE AN AGENDA TO CONTINUE THIS INVASION. American lives then count for less than the ILLEGAL ALIENS who do not belong here.
PcCrap July 8, 2014 at 04:53 pm
Also, thank an ILLEGAL ALIEN for your outrageous rent and home prices. Supply in demand people.Read More They have ruined SO MUCH of Los Angeles YOU are paying a premium to live in a safer - ever shrinking - decent area.
Fernando lopez July 8, 2014 at 06:13 am
Just another racist piece of shit in a uniform. Hope he looses his plush job.
Amanda Schmidt July 8, 2014 at 11:27 am
Why is this on the campbell page?? This is supposed to be local news only.
T-Rexy July 9, 2014 at 09:05 pm
There's always more to the story. Don't always believe the 15 seconds the news shows you.
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti says LAPD won't detain suspects for immigration officials. Photo credit: Getty Images.
jmarcos July 7, 2014 at 02:06 pm
As an American of Mexican descend I ask: Are they going to treat my country with respect andRead More dignity? Think not.
robert klein July 7, 2014 at 05:16 pm
The city leadership is a disgrace. Dignity and respect? No, it is all politics and a continuation ofRead More the sanctuary status of the city. We are now a city overwhelmed with illegals, poverty, welfare and underachieving Spanish speaking kids in a very expensive though broken educational system. Dignity and respect? How about the illegals displaying some dignity and respect to the USA that they are sucking off.
Fernando lopez July 8, 2014 at 06:18 am
You guys are all racist hyprocrites. Were the backbone of this country. There's a reason they allowRead More immigrants in. You guys are just to ignorant to be aware of them. Good job.
Patch file photo by Renee Schiavone.
southernbelle July 12, 2014 at 03:44 pm
I appreciate your comment Jeremiah and I don't think I could've said it better myself, so I won't beRead More redundant. Except to repeat only one thing-- This is why Mr Melhman: "the age limit is based on the medical risk profile that would endanger both the employee and the public he is tasked with serving. The likelihood of sudden debilitating circumstances increases with age and these jobs have a stress level which can precipitate it." I'm still of working age yet from day to day I have bizarre health issues pop up. I run abt 3-5 miles per day, 5-6 days a week. I'm in excellent health. I'm also clever and a bright individual. Yet I've begun having pains in places, and I'm also getting forgetful. My eyesight is decreasing. I get stressed easier than I used to. Because this is our natural human aging process. we age. we just do. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now, in reading this article, I didn't read, nor did I realize we were discussing being let go at a certain age. I thought we were talking about applying for the job, where can age limit is set due to medical and statistical averages. So I agree with you, I do not think a person should be let go the day they turn 62. Most others do also, that;s why we are offered pensions at particular ages for incentive. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lastly, your point using vote vs age limits is like comparing dogs to elephants, and completely irrelevant. We're talking about a person's capability to perform a certain type of job.
southernbelle July 12, 2014 at 03:55 pm
**** And I bet SouthernBelle knows something many women and men have forgotten - it's a whole lotRead More more fun acting out the roles when men act like men and women act like women and we all play the game and enjoy life as equal but thankfully different! **** Any good man who values his life knows women are superior to men and don't argue with them because even if you win, you lose!! :-) **** hahahahahahahahahaha!!! Yep, exactly how I feel. There are many many careers out there to choose from. Maybe a girl's passion is to put on 100 lbs of equipment and run up stairs to fight a fire and carry out a 250 lb man- but I'm guessing more aren't than are interested in that. But I'll tell you what, if my daddy's house catches fire and some gal runs up his stairs she best be able to carry him down because HIS life depends on it. And if she can't, then her taking a job she's unable to perform is just wrong.
southernbelle July 12, 2014 at 04:01 pm
one more thing--Mr Melhman, Not sure how long you've been in the area or if you are familiar with LARead More county hiring for Police and fire. But over the past 10 yrs they have had to lower their physical ability testing, as well as their hiring requirements because they had to account for women's physical abilities, and not enough men or women were passing the orals due to prior drug use (even trying it once counts), criminal records (DUI's fall in this), etc. This is also why the quality is lower than it used to be. We haven't seen nothing yet! It's abt to get a whole lot worse because no one wants police officer jobs anymore. so sad how we treat them!
Patch file photo.
Chastity Lake July 5, 2014 at 04:31 pm
Buster, are a moron?
Chastity Lake July 5, 2014 at 04:34 pm
Buster - random DUI checkpoints are constitutional. Lorelei - no federal or state court can overruleRead More the SC.
Chastity Lake July 5, 2014 at 04:36 pm
There is only a time/manner/place restriction on DUI stops in California. A static location isRead More allowed, with every car that passes through checked. The reason is to avoid targeting based on impermissible grounds.
Patch file photo.
Jeff Allen July 4, 2014 at 10:32 am
Ziegler...detectives are in the same overtime pool as the police officers. They are not paying cashRead More overtime for either so the white time banks get filled up until they are forced to give time off. Because they don't have overtime cash to pay does not mean the work stops. Patrol has the same problem which is why the deployments are short. No other city or county is not paying cash overtime at this period. It is robbing Pete to pay Paul. The cash overtime they are talking about in this contract is less than the amount of cash overtime the department spent in the late 90's are early 2000's. But think about this...if a detective responds to a fresh homicide, processes the scene, attends the autopsy, interviews witnesses, does a canvas of the scene for additional witnesses, writes reports, books evidence, and possibly arrests a suspect and interviews the suspect, writes and serves search warrants, I think you can see that overtime gets piled up fairly quickly. It's no different if you are working burglary, robbery, or sexual assault crimes. So if they City gives you time on the books instead of case, guess what?, pretty soon you have around 600 hours on the book and the boss tells you to take some time off so that you don't get to a point where they have to pay you cash. But the same thing is happening in patrol. When an officer or detective retires or leaves the department, guess what?, you have to cash the person out at that time, and if that overtime was earned when the person was younger, before raises or promotions, they are going to be cashed out at what they are earning at the time. The reason you can't get a hold of a detective has nothing to do with the Union asking for more overtime. Many are not at the office because they are on forced days off because of banked overtime. In addition to that, detectives don't sit at desks all day even though television makes it seem like that. Detectives have to follow-up on crimes, meet witnesses, serve search warrants and subpoenas, attend crime control meetings, meet with the District Attorney's Office, stay in contact with witnesses and make sure they get to court which can be a task if they are not comfortable testifying, relocate witnesses, travel to prisons throughout the state to interview suspects......detective divisions are depleted due to the above, retirements, and the fact that the city is way below the amount of detectives they should have, however, with the city freeze on promotions, very few detectives have been made in the past few years, way below the attrition rate. Those are the reasons you may not be able to contact a detective and here right back from them. It has nothing to do with just working a 6 hour day because they work 40 hours a week like everyone else and probably several hours in overtime a week. Excessive overtime balances are forcing officers to take time off.
Ziegler July 4, 2014 at 03:23 pm
Dear Jeff Allen, other officers, and the Community, I wish that the patch would let us divideRead More paregraphs- oh well. I have personal experience galore regarding the hours that Detectives put in. I was brutally attacked by a viscious criminal who threatened my life and told me that he would murder me as he had done others unless I met him at a phone booth at Sepulveda and Roscoe St. Immediately I telephoned the police Station so that they could apprehend this fellow they had been desperately seeking. We are so sorry I was told, You know that only detectives are allowed to arrest the really bad felons, and Detectives do not work Saturdays, Sundays or after 4:00 p.m. weekdays. So with black and white police cars passing him on the Street he could not be arrested. Since that time Detectives who are as you say in the same pool, only they have some different rules as far as arrests go, and any cop should be able to make the arrest, FRIDAY HAS BEEN ADDED TO TIME OFF FOR DETECTIVES. If the public only knew these things THIS WOULD NOT CONTINUE. All of my life I have been law abiding, but I could not get help from the police when needed. Ultimately the guy was arrested and went to prison but he is out now and walks the streets, God help us all. The Federal Government helps Mafiosa and thevery worst law breakers to relocate but not for the law abiding victims of high crimes, for the money that is accumulated in California is in the millions of dollars unspent because victims must front the thousands of dollars up front. The only money from the fund is when a business goes under due to victimization. Let me be clear. I AM NOT CONDEMNING THE FORCE AND I AM VERY PRO POLICE. I take issue with some of the rules established over which you had no control, such as Fri. Sat. Sun. off for Detectives and not allowing you to make the arrest when you should when Detectives are off. At the time that the Attacker was free, I was forced to vacate my home and he was breaking in nightly. Detectives chose not to work at night so that he could have been arrested before he did further harm. Yes, he did do a great deal of harm he cut up a woman's face and raped her.
Jeff Allen July 4, 2014 at 07:55 pm
Ziegler, I am not discounting the fact that you have had a terrible experience which you were aRead More victim. I am just clarifying information. Some of the information that you are stating as far as detective hours and such is incorrect. If you were told this, then I am informing you that it is incorrect. ANY police officer can make an arrest at any time of the day or night and any day of the week, holidays included. If a patrol officer encounters a felony suspect of any crime he would be bound to make the arrest. It is not true that only detectives can arrest the really bad felony suspects. Patrol officers can make any arrest. It also not true that detectives do not work Fridays. It may be true that the particular detective that was assigned to your case may have been off on Friday. Many detectives work a 4/10 schedule, or 4 days at 10 hours a day. Some detectives take Friday off, some Monday, and some in the middle of the week, but there are detectives at work every weekday. Some detective still work a traditional 5 day a week 8 hour workday, and some a 9/80 schedule. If your particular detective is not working, another should be able to assist you. Most divisions also have at least 1 night detective working. Without knowing the particulars of your case, I can make an educated guess on what occurred based on what you stated. My guess is that the detective assigned to your case was off that day and you told whoever you were speaking to on the phone about the suspect and his location. If the officer you were speaking do did a small amount of research he may have determined that it was a case that was pending, in other words the detective was working on the case and as of yet did not have enough to file the case or obtain a warrant. Often people do not understand that in some cases it takes a substantial amount of investigation to have enough to file a case. You can have probable cause to make an arrest, but that does not mean that it is enough to file a case. You must file a case within 48 court hours or the arrestee must be set free. In many cases a detective will not want to make a premature arrest because they know the case will not get filed and the suspect will walk free and now knows the police are investigating him. It prohibits the detective from doing further investigation. My point is that there is often more to just going out and picking someone up. But please understand that any officer can make any arrest at any time. If you have a situation that you are not sure of, speak to the watch commander at the division. One more point, as I stated in a previous post, although detectives do not work on the weekend, often the night watch detective does and detectives are on-call for serious crimes on weekends. Some of the reasons that the overtime banks are high is because they are called in to work on there days off. If you are curious as to why detectives do not regularly work weekends it is because the courts are closed on those days. In that case, the detectives regular off days would be during the week which would cause overtime when detectives had to file cases or go to court. Again, I am not discounting your experience. I just want to make sure that you have the correct information so that you can be prepared if anything like that occurs again.
Patch file photo.
Ken Lewis June 29, 2014 at 04:49 pm
So how does it feel when one of your fellow trigger happy buddies kills one of their own? The manRead More says he could have killed a truck load of them. What a fine attitude from one of the city's finest.
Alex White July 3, 2014 at 01:38 pm
Posted July 3, 2014-- 3:08 AM; 3:11 AM; 1:40 PM; 1:43 PM zenia commented on the article "LAPDRead More Detective Relieved of Duty over Racist Comments He Made about 1997 Valley Shooting" you commented on in Police & Fire: so...let me get this straight...you're final point is "...I always thought that it was against the law to tape record another police officer in a police facility without a warrant or permission." I'm always amazed as to why people who think like the above are able to even get hired let alone become a peace officer, etc. Clearly, any one who is prejudiced, biased and frankly, quite stupid ought to be, as well, placed on home confinement the same as the idiot/racist/murderer in the article. Ad Hominem attacks aside, yeah, it's that bothersome constitutional thing again...really a nuisance when Due Process is involved. I didn't make up the particular Company Policy or write any of the myriad of laws legislated and duly enacted to protect the rights of the citizens of a democratic society-- even employees of LE agencies. But I do obey the laws that I do know so as not to get into trouble. It's fairly easy. I signed a paper when I was "authorized" to carry tape recorder in my pocket that I would obey the law and not abuse this particular tool. If I recall correctly, it was an FBI thing. Otherwise, I could get fired and get into some serious legal issues without employer representation. When called to task by supervisors-- as any employee will at some time have to endure-- it was always brought up that the tape recorder must be off-- at least mine. Get it? Personally, I always thought "breaking the law to enforce the law," or at least a personal vendetta, was pretty bogus, and also a small skid-mark over any person's Civil Rights. Fortunately, the prior 1997 "Road Rage" incident was thoroughly investigated, adjudicated, and the results were determined to be "justified." As such, it was discovered that there was no criminal activity, such as a homicide, except by Gaines who engaged in a "deadly assault and attempted homicide"-- still crimes irrespective of color, or "color of authority, or an uninformed, non-professional, personal opinion-- prejudicial and biased by default. The civil matter is an altogether different thing. I was not involved in "accessing" the matter, either criminally or civilly, so my personal opinion is merely that and mostly irrelevant. However, I did pay very close attention to the proceedings so as to avoid such incidents if possible-- either professionally or in private life. And so far I have. Sorry you find that offensive and "stupid," but then to each his own as they say.... Some people call it training, education, and being street smart. At least you didn't call me a Nazi and type in CAPS. Thanks for the laugh as I just luv intellectual satire and comedic irony.
zenia July 3, 2014 at 04:40 pm
"Thanks for the laugh as I just luv intellectual satire and comedic irony." if you thinkRead More this is bothersome to me...think again...you don't matter...you are are not only inhumane - you're less than a MAN...
Patch file photo.
Buster June 26, 2014 at 09:27 am
Why are safe and sane fireworks not allowed? I understand not allowing fireworks that explode in theRead More sky but outlawing safe fireworks is wrong. Government overstepping its duties.
Buster June 26, 2014 at 11:40 am
Some people just feel good when the government controls every aspect if their life
CC June 29, 2014 at 07:41 pm
Why banning the Fourth and all American holidays? What's left to look forward to?
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