Cafe Stella Wall: Not Likely to Fall

Community members and members of the neighborhood council had a chance to hear from the restaurant's owner Gareth Kantner at a meeting Thursday night.

Cafe Stella owner Gareth Kantner sent out the above image early Thursday to the media.

It's an artist's rendering of how the controversial wall at Sunset Boulevard and Sanborn Avenue will look when finished.

It's still being completed as part of an expansion of Kantner's popular restaurant,  Cafe Stella.

Kanter explained that expansion for us on video the other day.

And Thursday night at Silver Lake's Holy Virgin Russian Church, he said again that he had all the permits he needed to move forward.

A representative from Council District 13 at the meeting agreed, saying the city had already approved the plans.

Several attending noted how upset Kantner seemed to be about the criticism of the wall, which turned quite stinging at times.

As blogger Will Campbell noted for the Eastsider LA:

With the exception of a Kantner supporter sneering at a detractor and calling her ridiculous, the meeting itself was a rather civil affair, I think mainly because it was pretty much agreed that the wall’s a done deal and all that’s left is the stucco and the paint.

Alice Greenley February 18, 2012 at 07:50 PM
Another opportunity for Gareth Kantner to reinforce his palace walls and keep the common folk (the neighborhood locals) out!


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