Echo Park to Get 'No Paper' Coffee Bar?

Two Intelligentsia ex-pats have targeted the Eastside for a "high concept" coffee bar.

There is no open date.  There is no location. 

But there is word that two key folks from the Ingelligentsia empire will team up in the name of "high concept coffee."

Eater LA reports that former Vice President of Strategy Kyle Glanville and,  Charles Babinski, lead trainer at the coffee palace's Venice location, are partnering on a new project.

Eater says they "have a strong preference for the Eastside, in an underserved locale such as Echo Park."

Eater doesn't give us too much more about the concept, except that it will involve coffees from many roasters and could involve a "no disposables"--i.e., no paper--policy.

Expect news about a test "pop up" location shortly.

Read the full Eater LA item here.

And thanks to Echo Park Now for pointing us to the story.


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