Is Dodger Stadium Ready for Kosher Hot Dogs?

Some fans have been saying "yes" for as long as a decade. What do you think?


The grilled all-beef hot dog served with chili nacho cheese, chopped tomatoes, onions and jalapenos was a nod to the team's Spanish-language fans.

This Sunday at the team's Jewish Community Day, observant fans can also buy kosher hot dogs at Dodger Stadium.

But that will be the only time this season.

Some Dodger fans have been trying to change that for a while.

Rebuffed by Frank McCourt, they see signs that Stan Kasten, president of new Dodger owner Guggenheim Partners, may have heard them.

Kasten tweeted recently that he was working on the issue.

“We are really just a group of people who feel very strongly that the second-largest Jewish community in the country should have the ability to eat a Jewish hot dog at a ballgame — given that so many other ballparks around the country have that option,”  attorney Stuart Tochner told the Jewish Journal.

Meantime, Tochner and others will have to content themselves with the new kosher items the park started stocking this season.

Read the full Jewish Journal story here.

Ward Cleaver, Jr. September 19, 2012 at 09:48 PM
They better because all you can realty get are hot dogs @ the stadium, the rest of the food stinks!!! Microwaved turkey/beef @ Doyers deadly deli, re-cycled Carl's Jr. food, and whats with Camachos, anything Mexcian you want, as long as its ONLY Nachos? Well we go there for the dogs & $9 beer & $5 h2o, Magic needs to make $$ somehow- keep letting us bring in food, cause your selection es n o bueno!
Deborah McIntosh September 20, 2012 at 06:11 PM
I would like to see a kosher dog and more healthy options. Although I love hot dogs, as a diabetic, I cannot each most of the stuff at Dodger Stadium. Why not off all the food choices to everyone instead of making only some available to those in the higher priced seats. Everyone should be able to get a deli sandwich, healthy FULL PORTIONS of fruit and veggies (not half-empty cups for $8), and healthy alternatives.


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