VIDEO: Artists Use 1980s Aerobics to Make Butter, and It Works!

The new spin on a classic workout is part of an afternoon program at the nonprofit gallery Machine Project. It also features bread-baking in Dutch ovens set up on Alvarado Street.


It was a sold-out Sunday, Oct. 28 at nationally-recognized artists' space Machine Project in Echo Park.

Pomona College art professor Michael O'Malley was outside on the sidewalk all afternoon baking bread in two Dutch ovens set on a grill.

Inside, Pop Soda's Jimmy Fusil (a moonlighting digital artist) led the lucky few through a 45-minute aerobic workout where glass jars full of cream substituted for free weights.

That cream became butter that eventually got spread on to Michael O'Malley's bread.

The afternoon was called Aerobic Butter/Anaerobic Bread and, boy, was it good!

Watch the video above to see the aerobic workout. 


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