VIDEO: Glassell Park Charter High School Ditches Textbooks

The "blended learning" model used at Alliance Technology and Math Science High School combines lecture, group and online learning.


A Glassell Park charter high school is one of just 70 schools across the country using a new learning model.

It's called BLAST, and, according to a report on KNBC 4, it combines teacher-led discussion with group and online learning.

At Alliance Technology and Math Science High School, each  student has a laptop. Each teacher has a smart blackboard.

Click through to see the full report that aired recently on KNBC 4.


TELL US: What do you think of the "blended" approach employed at ATAMS?

Elijah H September 27, 2012 at 05:32 PM
This is what charters do best! Innovation and flexibility that isn't an option in traditional school.
Cheryl Ortega September 27, 2012 at 07:57 PM
Anyone who is a student in 2012 needs to know how to access technology, as a tool, with ease and expertise. But abandon books? Really bad idea. Watching children lovingly read fairy tales cannot be replicated by watching them lovingly hold an ipad.
Robert D. Skeels September 28, 2012 at 05:53 PM
Given the dearth of pedagogical materials available outside of printed material, the only people who would praise this incredibly obtuse decision as being "innovative or flexible" are those more concerned with their own stock portfolios than actual pedagogy. The distinguished Professor Stephen Krashen has found: "ebooks only account for one-half of one percent of school library collections, and this is predicted to increase to only 7.8% in five years." Even the biggest privatization pimps and charter cheerleaders can't argue that 10% of a collection is an appropriate amount. Instead public money is flowing into the pockets of high tech snake oil salesmen and insatiably greedy charter executives. It's shameful that the community's resources in the form of taxes are being squandered on these discredited and unproven projects. For a fuller background on the research showing that ebooks aren't ready to replace printed materials, see: http://www.schoolsmatter.info/2011/09/john-deasys-queen-antoinette-moment-let.html For more on the entire "blended learning" fiasco is acknowledged even by its biggest cheerleader--non educator Arne Duncan, see: http://nycpublicschoolparents.blogspot.com/2012/09/arne-duncan-admits-that-online-learning.html
Elijah H September 29, 2012 at 05:42 PM
Speaking as a parent of a child at an charter school that I would describe as both innovative and flexible (especially as compared to the traditional school we left, where district beaurocracy rules were a roadblock preventing improvement of any kind - even teachers expressed frustration with this fact), I can tell you plainly that your rhetoric doesn't bear any relation to the experience I've had with my child at a charter school. With colleges and universities transitioning to e-textbooks, and most of my colleagues trading in their paperbacks for e-Books, this is inevitably the way of the future. e-Textbooks are cheaper, overall. You, my friend, are a perfect example of why parents are fed up with hide-bound bureaucrats who use tired excuses to stand in the way of a progressive education for their children. Charter school detractors ignore the fact that it is parents in YOUR community who send their children to these schools. Parents who are fed up with traditional schools, and parents who had fought hard for the right to have our children educated without bureaucratic nonsense getting in the way. If you're attempting to bring hearts and minds over to your side, you are failing, miserably. However, if you're attempting to rile up your base of union-adherents with straw-man arguments, you're doing a fine job, sir. Focus on fixing the bureaucracy, and stop your mindless attacks on all things "charter", and maybe you'll bring us back into the fold one day.


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