How Good is Eagle Rock High’s International Baccalaureate Program?

A NELA mom queries Eagle Rockers.

From a Northeast LA mom:

We live a few miles away from Eagle Rock but have seriously been thinking about applying to Eagle Rock High School's International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme for my two middle-school children. We love the feel of the school, the diversity and the neighborhood. Wondering if you Eagle Rock residents whose kids have gone through the program can offer some advice: 

1) The program’s mission is to prepare students for international, culturally rich lives, through foreign language study, intercultural awareness and public speaking. Based on these principles, how successful would you say the program is?

2) How nurturing and effective are the educators? 

3) How bright and committed are the other students? 

4) Are there any drug, gang or bullying problems we should know about? 

erxicana November 02, 2012 at 05:00 PM
I have been at ERHS since the inception of IB and other changes. I have been to most or all meetings where we have input into this process to make it work and tweek what is not working. My kid loves school. Although there are many funding challenges to make the various programs perfect, I would love to invite many on this blog including teachers to come to meetings, ask questions and give input. The reality is that we need to pass Proposition 30!
AFG November 02, 2012 at 05:44 PM
While loving school is very important, it is not the determining factor of a good education.When I met to discuss IB and ask questions they did not appear interested at all in my observations - and there were no answers to my questions. Like which colleges care about an IB diploma and a design project more than SAT scores, AP scores, and GPA's? It does not appear that they are interested in listening to the teachers, either. The scope of the "project" is so broad that it is immensely vague and I still fail to see the point. How could that be better than more math, english, science, foreign language, etc? How could ANY good academic program give equal importance to art and study/tech? How can they let the art teachers grade on ability if art is mandatory? How could it possibly succeed with no resources and limited & lousy electives. One year journalism is study/tech and now it's not. They couldn't answer why IB insists the student take art EACH year, let alone explain how utterly boring it is when the choices are so limited. One of them said they expected their test scores to go down the 1st year but they didn't - but then the administrator said that that wasn't true, that they did NOT go up in math and science. That discussion made me feel like we are not hearing the real reason they did this. When you couple the loss of instructional days with the loss of instructional minutes per day it is a real travesty of education that they have proposed!
erxicana November 02, 2012 at 06:02 PM
In my house loving school, performance in the classroom, high api scores, the ability to choose to have college prep classes, a-g requirements starting in 7th grade for all students is a sign my kid is in the right school for her. There are many options at Eagle Rock that you won't find in charters or private school. We toured every one of them. None of them were a great fit for my kid. Maybe if your kids are not happy you should consider another choice. Friends of mine whose children went to Eagle Rock moved their kids....they love their new school and are performing better. Hope things work out for you.
AFG November 02, 2012 at 06:57 PM
You can't see the difference in these last years with IB and block schedule? API scores are such a deceptive thing which has really nothing to do with the administration that takes sole credit for them. The quality of college prep classes diminish as the staff is decimated. Who can teach science, math to 50 students let alone offer them help? There is no one who will ever be as good at AP History as the teacher who left for another district. You have teachers who are not equal teaching the same class and kids are not allowed to move from the inferior teacher b/c they don't want mass exodus. Not wanting mass exodus means they know the classes are not equal. That is not fair or equal for 40+ kids. Regarding certain APs one teacher is far advanced of the other, again no choice for the kid. While I would have agreed that there were choices there not found in private school a few years ago, I have to disagree now. If you play sports you can't take journalism, stuff like that along with the time wasted on yearly art and study tech. I don't feel college bound students need to be doing homework at school when the time could be spent on academics. Then there's the unsupportive administration which only serves to detract from the quality of the education. My friend has been asked for the 3rd time to reprint absence notes from LAST year due to office incompetence. Also they presented IB as a "wonderful opportunity with a plethora of electives" which wasn't true at all. So sad!
AFG November 02, 2012 at 07:03 PM
continued: Also the principal continues to harass good teachers either getting rid of them unjustly or making their lives miserable so they leave. If the principal's number one priority is control and petty revenge he is never going to be the leader of the best school because his choices are not for the best education, they are for the most control. Is there another LAUSD school that has only 2 counselors for the entire high school? That was principal's choice - another bad one for the staff and students.


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