Echo Park Wine Bar City Sip to Close Jan. 31

The closure comes just several months after a menu makeover to reposition the bar.

After four years, Echo Park's long-standing wine bar City Sip will close Jan. 31.

Owner Nicole Daddio announced the news Tuesday in an email to customers and friends.  

Although I am very excited to move forward, this was nonetheless a difficult and heart wrenching decision to make. I take great pride that we have managed to build our neighborhood into a unique and colorful Los Angeles destination. Echo Park is my home, as well as my place of business, and I smile each time that I welcome an inspired new business.

City Sip had shut down for a week in September for an impromptu and, we hear, somewhat improvised makeover.

It took the bar from its roots in winetasting and collecting to being more of a pub, a fun spot for value-priced beers, wines and tapas.

We liked it a lot and had been back a number of time since the grand opening.

Daddio told us then was to carve a unique niche for the place, which was facing competition from Mohawk Bend, ELF and other newer spots in the neighborhood.

City Sip will close officially on Jan. 31, though the space will be available through March for special events and pop-ups.

No word yet on what will replace it, though the location at trendy Mohawk Bend shouldn't be hard to fill.

Punky January 24, 2013 at 03:05 AM
That's too bad. City Sip is a great wine bar. Did they try too hard to compete with Mohawk Bend? Remodeling a place that appeared to be thriving with steady & dedicated customers in order to attract a more youthful crowd may not have been the best decision. Youth like to party & go out at night, but they may not have the $ to afford a good bottle of wine (generally speaking). I love to go to City Sip before having a delicious meal at Elf. I don't see how that is competition. I don't understand why they can't stay open as there is no other wine bar in the neighborhood. I know El Prado sells great wine, and I love that bar, but they serve wine in HORRIBLE glassses and don't sell bottles of wine. .........what did City Sip do wrong? Hmmmmmmmm, maybe hiring weird drug dudes to serve us? Check out all the yelp reviews to read about him. Oh well, too bad, it is/was a great spot in Echo Park....


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