Tuesday's Elections: Latest Campaign Allegations Between Jimmy Gomez and Luis Lopez

Candidates Jimmy Gomez and Luis Lopez have been trading charges of misconduct for months in pursuit of your vote.

Over the past few months, allegations and counter-allegations of wrongdoing have characterized the race for the 51st Assembly District between candidates Jimmy Gomez and Luis Lopez. Here are the latest charges made by their respective campaigns, days before the candidates face voters on Tuesday, Nov. 6.


Luis Lopez campaign statement, Nov. 1:

Today, the director of one of LA's most influential tenants' rights groups expressed concern about the thousands of dollars that Jimmy Gomez, a candidate for Assembly, has taken from another outside interest group. Jimmy Gomez took thousands from landlords and the landlords trade group to fund his campaign, and did so while running to represent a district with tens of thousands of low-income renters, including many seniors who rely on rent-control laws to protect themselves in these difficult economic times. 

We are deeply concerned by the significant contributions Jimmy Gomez has received from the corporate interests fighting our rent control laws," says Larry Gross of the Coalition for Economic Survival*. "Landlord interests clearly believe that Jimmy Gomez is a candidate who will support them in efforts to weaken laws and deny renters their rights. Tenants should be aware that their vote on election day in the 51st District might have a direct impact on the future of rent control and their tenants' rights."

*= for identification purposes only. 


Jimmy Gomez campaign statement, Nov. 2:

An official FPPC complaint was filed with the Fair Political Practice Commission (FPPC) against Luis Lopez for failing to comply with the law. Under FPPC regulations, Assembly candidate Luis Lopez is required to be reported on his employer’s FPPC Form 635 – Lobbyist Employer Report. To this day, he has purposely neglected to do so.

“What is Luis Lopez hiding? Why does he think he is above the law,” said Mike Shimpock, Gomez’s campaign spokesperson. “This violation is another black mark on Luis Lopez’s credibility. From day one, Luis Lopez has been running a dirty campaign full of lies and mudslinging. And now it comes to light that he is breaking the law. The residents of the 51st Assembly District deserve better than Lobbyist Luis Lopez.”

While Jimmy Gomez has been talking about the issues that really matter to the community: jobs, healthcare and education, Luis Lopez has been hiding the truth from voters.

Jimmy Gomez is the clear choice of voters of the 51st Assembly District. A recent poll finds Jimmy Gomez poised to win resoundingly on November 6th. It shows him with an insurmountable lead of 13 points.

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Dspencer November 05, 2012 at 11:33 PM
Gunnar, your mental health facility has been looking for you. Please check in.
MFriedrich November 05, 2012 at 11:45 PM
"The blood of each and every one of these innocent children is on the hands of those who vote(d) for abortion and abortion advocates! Forty plus million helpless little children have been murdered because many have chosen to do nothing." You do realize that only 20% of all fertilized eggs (zygotes) become successfully implanted. 80% fail to implant and die. Who is to blame for all this bloodshed? The supporters of Barrack Obama, gravity, or the billions of women on the planet who "failed" to create an sufficiently thick and robust endometrium?
Tom Mertz November 06, 2012 at 03:06 AM
I strongly disagree, Will. Luis ran a smart, up-front and hard-hitting campaign, which shows me he has what it takes to stand up to the Sacramento establishment. He did the voters a big favor by letting us know exactly what we'd be getting in Gomez and to whom he'd be indebted. Gomez for his part just ran a godawful campaign and let himself be defined by the Lopez campaign. All the money in Sacramento can only do so much for a candidate and Jimmy is clearly out of his league against Luis. In a few years after Gomez has lived here a while and has a real grasp of the community and what we expect from our representatives, maybe he will try again and maybe next time he will be ready.
Tom Mertz November 06, 2012 at 03:13 AM
Gunnar - Both candidates are pro-choice and therefore murderers in your view so you'll have to base this vote on something else. Vote local! vote LOPEZ!
Tom November 06, 2012 at 06:23 AM
Dude your voting based on religious beliefs..your kind should not vote whatsoever.


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