SWAT Team to Get New Home

The vacant building that housed the Rampart Station facilities will get new tenants.

Work is currently being done on the former lodgings of the Rampart Division and, in time, will house another division of the LAPD.

The building located on Temple Street and Benton Way will soon house the Metoropolitan Division, which includes the SWAT Team. Community activists reportedly challenged the conversion of the building and said it should be used for other community needs, according to an Eastsiderla.com article.

The cost of rennovations is reportedly estimated at $17.6 million.

The rennovations, once completed, will allow more natural lightinto the building and was hailed by the Los Angeles Business Council:

The design provides a fresh, accessible exterior image and increases cross-platoon collaboration and staff amenities while respecting the original architecture … a central slot of light creates an interconnecting central hub in the heart of the building.


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