Election 2012: Neighborhood Councils - Preliminary Results

Stakeholders voted to fill seats on six local neighborhood councils Saturday.

The polls closed between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Saturday, depending on which location you chose to mark your ballot.

(See our earlier article for details on locations and times.)

Voters included residents, business owners and others with a stake in their community of choice.

The majority of the elections were open to everyone.

But Rampart and Silver Lake required some proof of stakeholdership--a bill, a driver's license, an organizational brochure--of their voters.

In Silver Lake voters could also qualify by presenting a photo of themselves enjoying some aspect of local life--for example, the dog park, the Bellevue Park or the Reservoir path.

A total of 2,107 votes were counted in the six races: 128 in Rampart, 127 in Atwater, 88 in the Elysian Valley, 690 in Echo Park, 655 in Greater Griffith Park and 507 in Silver Lake.

(See the initial hand-marked tallies from each location in our media gallery.)

87 mail-in absentee ballots were cast in the Echo Park race, 14 absentee ballots were filed in the Silver Lake election, with 18 provisional ones.

Provisional ballots are expected to play a role in the race for the presidency of the Greater Echo Park Neighborhood Council.

The Eastsider LA reports that a close race between Ari Bessendorf and Francisco Torrero could be decided if four provisional ballots cast at the Edendale Library polling place are counted.

The Eastsider also quoted an elections official who said a recount will be done since the race is so close.

Once the polls closed, the ballots were then counted publicly, with all stakeholders including candidates allowed to view what went on.

The results were to be posted outside each polling place and also on the Empower LA website. (See links to the Empower LA site results below.)

The results are tentative, and included absentee ballots cast by mail.

Interested parties have five days to challenge the voting. If there is no challenge, the results become final.


Atwater Village Neighborhood Council

Elysian Valley Neighborhood Council

Greater Echo Park Neighborhood Council

Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council

Rampart Village

Silver Lake Neighborhood Council

Ronald van Ammers October 07, 2012 at 08:27 PM
Arent the actual counts made public? It would be worrisome if they werent.
Anthea Raymond (Editor) October 07, 2012 at 10:44 PM
@Ronald--See the PDFS in the attached gallery. It's the hand-written tally for each candidate and each location. And, yes, the public was able to sit in while polling officials generated that report at each polling location yesterday. AR


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