Police Union Endorses Zine for Controller

The current councilman for the 3rd district, which includes Tarzana, is running to replace Wendy Greuel.

The Los Angeles Police Protective League officially endorsed City Councilman Dennis Zine Tuesday in his bid for city controller.

With the election one year away, the campaign remains a three-way race. Attorney Ron Galperin and marketing executive-turned-activist Cary Brazeman are also in the running to replace Wendy Greuel, who is running for mayor. Zine has represented the 3rd Council District, which includes Tarzana, since 2001.

Before that, he was a member of the Los Angeles Police Department for more than three decades. He is currently an LAPD reserve officer.

"With the city's finances still on shaky ground, we need a controller who has a detailed understanding of city government and the financial pressures we face,'' LAPPL President Tyler Izen said. "As a 33-year LAPD veteran, Dennis made public safety his life's profession. For the past decade, he has brought that same intensity for protecting the public to the Los Angeles City Council.'' 

The police officers' union said Zine led the charge on the City Council to reclaim revenues owed to the city at a time when the police department has been prevented from growing the size of the its force, which hovers around 9,960 sworn officers.

"I'm very honored to have earned the endorsement of the Los Angeles Police Protective League,'' Zine said. "The LAPPL and the brave men and women who make up the organization are unwaveringly devoted to improving the quality of life for Los Angeles residents. I will work very hard to make sure that I give my focused commitment to upholding their trust and the trust of the people of Los Angeles.''

The union also cited Zine's charitable giving, saying he has donated several hundred thousand dollars of his salary to local charitable organizations while serving as a council member.

"While his experience makes him the natural choice, Dennis' selfless involvement in the community and spirit for honest good government makes him the right choice,'' Izen said.

–City News Service

trojan2002 February 29, 2012 at 03:00 PM
This why people don't like politics. A police union endorses an ass clown like Zine just because he's a former cop. He was a s**t cop, he is a s**t councilman, and would be a s**t controller. We deserve better than this people. Zine hasn't done for cops. He has been the Mayor's lap dog. He has been the special interests' lap dog. ZIne has shied away from talking about impounding. An issue the union is strongly vocal about. I call BS on the union.
Lightnapper February 29, 2012 at 08:02 PM
Glad someone is still thinking out there. Unfortunately, he's still a Copper-- albeit a reserve officer, but still a Copper. Besides the double-dipping city pension and exorbinant City Council salary, you forgot one more thing. Zine doesn't miss a photo-op, especially if a LE angle is available. LA's voters really are "That" stupid. I'm amazed he isn't the mayor.
Marianne Love March 01, 2012 at 12:41 AM
Does anyone know if Zine has any accounting experience?
trojan2002 March 01, 2012 at 05:32 AM
Yes.... he has been counting the money developers, unions, and other special interest groups have paid him over the years really well.
kenneth scalir December 22, 2012 at 09:38 PM
I wonder if Zine has the guts to debate any on his opponents in the controllers race.


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