Neighborhood Council Elections: Current List of Candidates

The filing deadline is Thursday. Click through to see who is in the running.

Candidates are beginning to step up for leadership roles on one of the neighborhood councils in the area--defined by election officials as "Region 7."

A total of 26 candidates over 6 neighborhood councils have now said they will run for open seats in the Oct. 6 elections.

A few are incumbents, but most are new to the process.

Interested parties have until Thursday at 5 p.m. to file at the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE) website.

And see a full list of confirmed candidates in Region 7 as of Sept. 2 below.


Atwater Village (6)

North Atwater Rep - Alex Ventura

Atwater Village South Rep - Mario Cardenes

Atwater Village North Rep - John Ciulik

Atwater Village South Rep - Ginger Damon

Atwater Village South Rep - James Huegas

Atwater Village South Rep - Reuben Martinez

Greater Echo Park Elysian (4)

District 1 Rep - Mo Najan

Greater Echo Park Elysian District 1 Rep - Constance Brenneman

Greater Echo Park Elysian District 5 Rep - Erlinda Lim

Greater Echo Park Elysian District 2 Rep - Cheryl Ortega

Silver Lake (12)

Region 6 - Lawrence Faljean

Silver Lake At Large - Teresa Sitz

Silver Lake At Large - Tatty Gelfond

Silver Lake At Large - Marc Killingstad

Silver Lake At Large - Anne-Marie Johnson

Silver Lake Region 5 - Matthew Mooney

Silver Lake Region 5 - Dorit Dowler-Guerrero

Silver Lake Region 1 Representative Seat 1 - Rusty Millar

Silver Lake - Johathan Pitre

Silverlake Region 7, Seat 2 - Michael Masterson

Silverlake Region 2 Seat 1 - Barbara Betlem-Ringuette

Greater Griffith Park (5)

District A Representative - Brian Cornelius

Greater Griffith Park District E Representative - Daniel McCarthy

Greater Griffith Park District C Representitive - Rochelle Sonza

Greater Griffith Park District E Representative - Nicola Carter-Gargani

Greater Griffith Park District E Representative - Daniel Kram

Rampart Village (4)

At Large - Erlinda Lim

Rampart Village Homeowner - Angela Wong

Rampart Village At Large - David Rockello

Rampart Village At Large - Abelardo Diaz

Elysian Valley (1)

Riverside At Large - Alvaro Mora


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