POLL: District 30 Candidates Debated; Who Gets Your Support for Congress?

Democrats Rep. Howard Berman and Rep. Brad Sherman, and Republicans Mark Reed and Susan Shelley faced off at the Valley Performing Arts Center on live video.

The debate Monday night between candidates for the 30th Congressional District seat was sponsored by the Associated Students of California State University, Northridge. (If the video window does not appear above, refresh the page.)

The participating candidates were Democrats Rep. Howard Berman and Rep. Brad Sherman; and Republicans Mark Reed and Susan Shelley.

Berman and Sherman are incumbents. They are running against each other because of redistricting, which put them in the same district. The primary election is June 5. Under the new "Top Two Open Primary Act," registered voters can pick a candidate from either party. The top two vote-getters will run against each other in the final, November election.

The panel of moderators ws made up of CSUN alumni, faculty and students. The lead moderater was KFI radio host Bill Handel, a CSUN alumnus; with Michael Sidley, an adjunct faculty member at CSUN and a member of the board of directors of Direct Link Insurance Services; and student Ross Perry, a political science major and a philosophy minor from Fresno, CA.

For more on the candidates and moderators, go to CSUN's "Big Politics" website.

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Mark Reed May 04, 2012 at 07:41 PM
BILL HANDEL DEBATE MODERATOR AND KFI RADIO HOST DECLARES MARK REED VICTOR OF DEBATE!!!!! http://www.popmodal.com/video/13631/KMODERATORFI-Radio-host-Bill-Handel-declared-Congressional-candidate-Mark-Reed-victor-at-the-CSUN-debate-that-he-moderated
Lorraine May 05, 2012 at 05:37 PM
Marianne - I see in your bio you are from Porter Ranch. Some parts of Porter Ranch are actually in the NEW 25th district. Go to the registrar of voter website to confirm your address - look at the bottom "new" district to see the number: http://lavote.net/OnlineDistrictmapApp/Default.cfm
Vince Gilmore May 05, 2012 at 08:46 PM
Before you make your decision, look into Vince Gilmore. If you want to end the wars, abolish the federal income tax, abolish the Federal Reserve, repeal the Patriot Act, reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act, if you stand for individual liberty, individual soveriegnty, state soveriegnty and national soveriegnty, then Vince Gilmore should be your choice. Pierce College held a debate on May 1st. Howard Berman was too cowardly to show up and Sherman sent one of his minions to try and debate. Mark Reed, Susuan Shelley, Navraj Singh, Mike Powelson and Vince Gilmore all found the time to show up. I urge people to take a look at that debate before you make your final decision. Keep a careful eye on Vince Gilmore, the only true Constitutionalist in this race. Vince Gilmore 2012!
Michael McCue May 09, 2012 at 10:05 AM
This debate was so rigged it stank. Candidates like Republican, Navraj Singh, Democrat, Vince Gilmore and Green Party candidate, Michael Powelson were excluded, even though they are qualified and on the ballot. The moderator was a joke...a jackass actually and I didn't like it when he used Shelley's talking points to introduce Mark Reed in a lame attempt to embarass him right out fo the gate. CSUN should be ashamed that this travesty of a debate ever took place. Pierce College held a debate for the candidates the very next night and ALL candidates were included. The moderators were fair and did't use the violent, bigoted rhetoric of the Tea Party like Bill Handel used. Handel is a disgrace to the human race and should never be allowed to "moderate" anything ever again! He's a total jerk!
bohunkus May 11, 2012 at 03:43 PM
Will someone please explain why Congressman Waxman is not running. This is supposed to be his district.


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