City Council OKs $125K for Public Art Project in Silver Lake

(Photo Credit: All That is Solid).
(Photo Credit: All That is Solid).
Delayed for a few years, a public art installation that's supposed to double as a mingling spot and targeted for between Santa Monica Boulevard and Edgecliffe Street was granted $125,000 for completion by the LA City Council on Tuesday.

Shaped to look like an oversized saddle, the project, named BLOOMRS, was chosen out of a pool of candidates several years ago to be brought to life.

Designed by All That is Solid, the firm describes the public artwork as: "This gesture maximizes surface area so that garden, neighbors, and bicycles can co-mingle in a thickened environment that enriches the sidewalk culture of Silverlake’s bustling walking community."

AB1290 funds are being used to contract Lexington Design & Fabrication for construction.

District 13 Councilman Mitch O'Farrell wrote in his motion that the project is worth the price tag.

"The effort is of special benefit for the residents of the city and for CD-13 and deserves financial assistance from the city," he wrote.

Click here to read more about the installation.

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chrisden@earthlink.net January 24, 2014 at 07:55 PM
What an waste of money. An eyesore. Lacks artistry and civic vision. The city should cancel this. I live in the neighborhood and it reflects nothing of its spirit and the people who live here.
Dennis Davis January 24, 2014 at 08:37 PM
Having lived on Sanborn Avenue for 30 years, I can say that this is not what the neighborhood needs no matter how eloquently the designers describe their art piece. 1: The location is said to be Santa Monica and Edgecliff? WRONG! way off...suggest you come the neighborhood and look around. 2: the rendering is so old that most of the buildings that are shown in the background don't exist. 3: The descriptor "Strands of native plants, grasses, and gravel offer seating for café goers, lunching, or sampling of food trucks parked nearby." There hasn't been a food truck in the neighborhood for at least 5 years. There was one once but the guy who owns the property that has the Bar Au Vin, Intelligiencia ,Cafe Stella etc. forced him to leave. 4: the hyperboloid design may be seen as artful by the designer and committee that chose it, but from the rendering it is not maximizing space for community gathering. 5: whose not so smart idea was it to decide we need an "art piece" anyway? $125,000? what a waste. A small park similar to the triangle park two blocks down Sunset where Mornings Nights Coffee shop and the weekly farmers market sets up would be much much more preferable. 6: Grass, trees, a few benches maybe a drinking fountain would be more in the Silverlake spirit, not some pretentiious piece of "public art"...
cc January 26, 2014 at 12:49 PM
agreed. this looks like it belongs in Century City or Dallas, with no connection to the neighborhood whatsoever. What are they thinking?? yuk... how can we make it go away...?


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