Violent Crime Up in Echo Park, Westlake Even Before Friday Stabbing

Violent crime was up in the Echo Park and Westlake neighborhoods for the week of Nov. 10-Nov. 16, prior to Friday night's possibly gang-related stabbing death on Temple Street.

The Los Angeles Times crime-mapping project is reporting a violent crime "alert" for the Echo Park neighborhood.

According to the Times, violent crimes jumped significantly during the week of Nov. 10 through Nov. 16--to five, more than double the recent local average.

The average over the last three months has been 2.2.

The project is based on data provided by the Los Angeles Police Department.

See individual incidents on the L.A. Times crime-mapping website here.

In nearby Westlake--where a young man was stabbed to death and another gravely injured on Nov. 17--violent crime also rose in the week of Nov. 10-Nov. 16, though not as sharply.

According to the Times database, 23 violent crime incidents were reported, compared to a 17.5 three-month average.

See individual incidents in Westlake here.

For purposes of the LA Times database, Westlake begins just south of the 101 freeway, where it is bounded by Virgil Street on the west and Glendale Boulevard on the east for a time as as it extends into Rampart Village.

At its northeastern edge, it is overlapped by the Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council's jurisdiction, which technically puts some of this high crime area in Echo Park.

See map of GEPEC territory here.

Many priced out of Echo Park and Silver Lake have been moving into the area, especially as renters.


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