2-Vehicle Crash on Beverly Is A Lesson for Those Who'd Merge Too Quickly

A vehicle moving west onto Beverly Boulevard bumps another sideways, shooting it across the street.

The access road west of Glendale Boulevard onto Beverly Boulevard always makes us nervous.

Vehicles zoom up the ramp and immediately try to merge with traffic. They're not supposed to.

Median lines painted on the road, instead, direct cars to stay in the far right lane and stop at a stop sign before joining the main flow.

On Thursday, we came upon an accident that dramatically illustrated the dangers here.

It involved an SUV and a car, both heading west on Beverly Boulevard.

A vehicle merging prematurely from the access road hit another in the main flow from the side, according to Officer Healy of the Los Angeles Police Department's Central Division.

The second vehicle careened across Beverly before stopping on the other side.

Traffic was slow in both directions until about 1 p.m. when the two vehicles, a Toyota 4-Runner and a Toyota Camry, were cleared.

No one was transported to the hospital but a report was filed since, according to Healy, one of the men involved reported some pain.


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