Thieves Steal Historic Light Pole From Glendale-Hyperion Bridge

An entire historic bronze light pole was cut down on the bridge Tuesday night.

Thieves on Tuesday made away with an entire historic bronze lamppost from the Glendale-Hyperion Bridge, according to a community message from the Los Angeles Police Department.

According to police, at some point Tuesday night, someone cut open a high voltage system running to the street light and made off with a large bronze light pole. Authorities said the thieves cut off the pole's anchor bolts with a portable saw and then pushed the pole over.

Police said this is not the first time someone has stolen the bronze poles. After a similar theft more than 30 years ago, crews welded the poles' anchoring bolts into steel plates.

"Welding will no longer be a sufficient deterrent this time as the thieves are smarter and have adjusted to our equipment hardening methods," police said in the community alert. "We are observing that precious metal thefts (i.e. copper wire theft, now bronze) are increasing during this holiday season."

Tuesday's theft occurred near a stairway on the north side of the bridge near the northbound on ramp to the Golden State Freeway.

Police also said that the stolen poles were some of the last remaining historic poles and probably can not be replaced.

Authorities asked that anyone who sees someone trying to remove copper wires or antique light poles to contact police immediately.


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