Still No Trial Date for Bryan Stow Lawsuit Against Dodgers

A judge is concerned that even though Dodger ownership has changed hands, bankruptcy proceedings still encumber some assets.

The judge overseeing Bryan Stow's lawsuit against the Dodgers refused to set a trial date Wednesday.

He's worried about encumbrances that remain on four Dodger properties. That's even though the Dodger ownership has technically changed hands.

According to City News Service, attorneys on both sides of the case aren't worried.

They see the delay as a formality and agreed that they would return to court on June 29 to set the date.

An extended period of "discovery" is expected in the case, including interviews with a variety of witnesses.

According to CNS:

The suit was filed on behalf of Stow and his children, Tyler and
Tabitha, against former Dodger owner Frank McCourt and the team entities last May 24. Among the claims are assault, battery, negligence, premises liability, negligent hiring, assault and both intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

We're going to try to get some detail on which Dodger properties are still locked up. So check back at the site.

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