Thief Shatters Coin Box in Silver Lake Laundry Room

The change box was somehow pried open last week. Is it a sign of the times?


We all know that times are still tough.

And here's news of what could be the latest sign.

A reader sent us the above photo he shot at his 6-unit apartment building in Silver Lake on Waverly Drive near Glendale Boulevard.

It's an image of coin box ripped wide open and emptied.

The thief may have broken in to the laundry room and and pried the box open with a crowbar or some other "serious tool."

According to the reader (who asked to remain anonymous):

We're pretty sure it happened in the morning or afternoon, when most around here, aren't around to have heard anything. If it was evening, the people living in the apt. with common wall to this laundry room would have heard.

It is not known how much change was taken.  

Mario Mota of LAPD's Rampart Division told us in an email that "We've had our share of laundry coin machine thefts," and that they are not uncommon.

He said a ring may have been operating in the area, as well as Glendale and Mar Vista.

He sent us a press release that said the suspects in some of those incidents were a man and his  girlfriend.

According to surveillance video, the girlfriend would act as look out while the man pulled out the change box.

The press adds, "The man empties the tray into the female's purse, then carefully replaces it in the unit."

We've reached out to our contacts at the LAPD's Northeast Division to see if this is a trend there too.

Have you heard of other incidents like this?


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