Another Silver Lake Home Burglarized by Phony Inspector and His Crew

An LAPD detective says such incidents are common in the area and to be on guard.


A Silver Lake resident sent around the following email:

A man impersonating city inspector is [going] around the neighborhood stating that he is from the city and needs to explain ... about some work the city will be doing in the following week on their property. ... When you follow him outside his accomplice enters the house and burglarizes it. The man had on a navy blue long-sleeved T-shirt and navy blue pants, wearing a baseball cap with "City Inspector" (?) painted on it and carries a clipboard.

This incident occurred not far from the Silver Lake reservoir, on Windsor near the Silver Lake Recreation Center, according to the email.

According to Det. John Hovanisian of the LAPD's Northeast division, crews like this periodically hit the Silver Lake and Echo Park area. They then move on to other parts of the city, making them hard to apprehend.

He encourages people to beware of anyone asking to inspect their property or otherwise luring them outside their homes. Ask for credentials and just generally be skeptical, he says.


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