Police Sting Reunites Athlete With Stolen Boat Spotted on Craigslist

It is recovered by LAPD Northeast detectives 5 months after it was taken off the roof of a car in Silver Lake.


"Reunited and it feels so good."

Facebook friends of Silver Lake resident Giselle Nguyen, 27, saw that status update on Tuesday and knew right away what it meant.

Nguyen's special, lightweight boat designed specifically for kayak polo had been found.

It disappeared off the roof of her car the night of Aug. 14, 2012 when it was parked near Fountain Avenue in Silver Lake.

That was just days before Nguyen was to travel to Europe and the Women's World Championships.

She launched a frantic search to find it, but without luck.

Now, five months later, an auto theft detective from LAPD's Northeast Division recovered it in a sting operation that led to an arrest earlier this week.

A friend of Nguyen's, Francis Roix, had spotted what he thought might be the boat recently on Craigslist.

He passed the info on to Nguyen, who alerted the LAPD.

John Hovanessian, who oversees auto theft specialists at Northeast, said that one of his detectives then set up a meeting through Craigslist to see and purchase the boat.

Once there, he arrested the seller, who was located in Silver Lake, not far from where the boat was taken.

Hovanessian said the thief simply lifted the lightweight boat off the car and walked off with it.

Nguyen, meanwhile, has long replaced the boat.

She took her new one to the World Championships in Europe for Women's Kayak Polo.

Her team did very well and was invited to Brazil next year for more matches.

We wonder which of the boats she'll be bringing with her this time.


Boat of Silver Lake Athlete Stolen Off Car

Mark M January 25, 2013 at 08:15 AM
So in this happy ending story we have the names of all the players, except the villain. Don't you think it's much more important to the community to name the criminal? You let us know that the thief lives in Silver Lake... but where? Don't you think that the neighbors should know where the thieves lives among us?
Anthea Raymond January 25, 2013 at 05:16 PM
@Thanks Mark. I'll work on getting you that update as soon as Northeast is ready to release the info. AR


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