Junkyard Fire Blackens Skies in East San Fernando Valley

At least 30 cars and trucks caught fire at the "recycling center" location in Sun Valley Saturday morning.

At least 30 junked cars and trucks caught fire in a junkyard in Sun Valley Saturday morning,

72 fireghters from surrounding stations including LAFD station 89 knocked down the blaze at 12207 Branford Street in 39 minutes.

Junkyard employees helped out by using a forklift and other heavy equipment to create firebreaks.

No structures were damaged or threatened with the fire limited to the recycled materials on the pile.

It will continue to smolder through the day, according battalion commander Al Abarca, who said the cause of the blaze was unknown.

The first was reported just before 9:30 a.m. in the industrial area near the junction of the 5 and 170 freeways.

Several automotive recyclers operate in that area, which has seen occasional stubborn fires in past years.


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