Family of Man Killed on North Coronado Reaches Out to Spanish Speakers

They've posted the accompanying poster in the neighborhoods around the 400 block where Curtis Ryan Mann was shot to death on June 15.

Echo Park Patch was the first to bring you the news of a .

Curtis Ryan Mann, 25, died in a close-range shooting outside an apartment building at about 3:30 p.m.

Mann had been living in a board-and-care facility on nearby Bellevue Avenue recovering from depression.

Mann was cremated earlier this week after a ceremony at the Chapel of Memories Funeral Home in Norwalk.

Witnesses have been reluctant to speak to police about the shooting, although.

Family member are distraught over the killing.

Sister Toni Flores said, "He was so friendly. He never hurt anyone. He must have been friendly with the wrong person."

They have created a memorial outside the North Coronado Street building where Mann collapsed after being shot.

They have also visited the location several times for vigils. And they've posted Spanish-language posters with info about the incident (including details from our own Echo Park Patch reporting) around the neighborhood.

A copy of that flyer is posted with this article.  Please share it if you feel it's appropriate.

You can also contact LAPD's Rampart division's homicide detectives directly at (213) 484-3650.

Al Sanchez July 01, 2011 at 06:20 PM
WTF! The family wants to reach out to Spanish-speaking people?!?!? Those are the damn people who killed him! This is Latino on Latino crime--problem solved. Until you guys get your head out of your ghetto ways and learn to speak English and assimilate into AMERICAN society, not MEXICAN society, then things will SLOWLY start to get better with the Latino community. I don't speak lies-I'm Latino myself. I see too many problems with the Latino community because they want to join gangs, and distance themselves from anybody who is not Latino themselves. You know what? You get what you paid for. Al Sanchez
justine barrios July 03, 2011 at 10:55 AM
WAIT WAIT! hold on and back up for a second do you know something? since your solving this problem Al Sanchez! First of all the street my cousin got murdered on 99% of the people that live on that block speak ONLY Spanish ! (and to be clear to you & anyone else we are reaching out to them cause that block he was MURDERED on ONLY SPEAK SPANISH!!) just in case you didn't catch that the first time. Someone seen something that street is very busy & this happen in the day but people are scared to speak. We want everyone to know that we will not stop & let this be just another murdered man. Curtis is deeply loved and missed, he always had a smile that was so big and lite up the room. So your comment makes no scenes and is pure stupidity, how dare you say "you get what you paid for" my cousin did not deserve this it was a scensless murder, he was never in a gang never harmed anyone. So you need to not speak what you don't know!
johnny barrios July 06, 2011 at 10:26 AM
no we are trying to reach out to the latino communtity theat obiously sounds like a typo mr pro latino american and it seems like ur barking up the wrong tree with you comment. im a latino mexican or what ever stereo typical label you want to put me under i dont care . and how can u make such a malicous/ ignorant comment show some respect. and how do u know it was a latino on latino crime. were you their????? and sense it souns like such a problem to you why dont u get off ur narsassitic rampage and do something about it cause u aint gonna get eny were with this comment i probely wont get enywere either but im trying unlike you Al. p.s i cant belive u can make such a heartless comment like you did sincerley johnny barrios
johnny barrios July 06, 2011 at 10:28 AM
excuse my misspelling i was typing on a phone :)


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