Shopper Stomps on Cop Car at Local Best Buy, More

Police say the man, who may have been "mentally impaired," was frustrated with the long lines at the electronics store.

A woman who used pepper spray to fight her way to discounted video games at a Porter Ranch Wal-Mart Thursday night made national news.

Read the Huffington Post's coverage here. 

We got to wondering whether Black Friday might be stirring up folks similarly nearby.

So far we've dug up two incidents--only one seems directly tied to Black Friday furor:


The first involved a shopper at the Best Buy on Los Feliz Boulevard in Atwater.

According to Sgt. Sanford Rosenberg of the , the man got up on an LAPD black-and-white to stomp out his frustrations with the long line there early Friday morning.

A line of shoppers had gathered outside the store, which opened at midnight for a Black Friday sale.

According to LAPD Northeast division Sgt. Sanford Rosenberg, the man was "upset about the line outside and made a spectacle of himself."

He called it a "minor incident" compared to what happened in Porter Ranch, where 20 people were injured.

Rosenberg said the man may have been "mentally impaired."  He is currently at the Northeast division on a  72-hour "5150 hold."


Meantime, Patch reader Jean Wysak heard some poppin' in downtown Echo Park early Friday morning and got a little curious.

She sent us this email after she'd done some digging:

Bizarrely, per Northeast division desk: some adolescent thought it would be entertaining to light fireworks in the wee hours of the morning in the 1300 block of  Sunset Boulevard.

So for once, the large explosive noises were not gunfire-that-sounded-like-fireworks, but actually fireworks.

A relief I guess for it not to be shooting...

Read Echo Park Now's take on the story here.

Sgt. Rosenberg of Northeast Division could not confirm whether the adolescent had been arrested or merely warned about his behavior.


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