UPDATED: Bryan Stow Beating Suspect Took Two Polygraph Tests

Defense attorneys maintain their client is innocent, but don't believe the test results will be the only factor in whether charges are filed against Giovanni Ramirez.

Giovanni Ramirez, the suspect in the opening-day beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow, has taken a pair of polygraph tests this week. One was spurred by his defense team, and the other was given by the Los Angeles Police Department, according to various media outlets.

The first test, according to NBCLA, happened Tuesday at County Jail, when Ramirez's attorneys said they obtained a court order for Ramirez to take the test. Jack Trimarco, the former chief of the FBI's polygraph unit, now in private practice, was the one who administered the test. 

Wednesday's second exam was conducted by an LAPD examiner at Parker Center in the early afternoon. The defense attorneys and Trimarco were able to observe on closed circuit television.

A representative from the Los Angeles Police Department's media relations team confirmed that a lie detector test was taken,  but that the department cannot comment on the results.

"We think 100 percent our client is innocent," said Anthony Brooklier, an attorney for Ramirez before the test. "He didn't beat Bryan Stow and he wasn't at Dodger Stadium. He's never been to Dodger Stadium."

He and other defense attorneys have come up with a list of people who will testify to that effect.

Brooklier's office refused further comment regarding the polygraph tests and the case in general in a Wednesday aftrernoon call from Patch. In an earlier story, NBCLA quotes Brooklier, who mentioned an agreement among the police department, the District Attorney's Office and Ramirez's defense.

"Even when we find out the results from LAPD, our agreement -- and I'm sure this is going to disappoint everybody, but this is our agreement with LAPD and the district attorney's office is we're not going to announce them," said Brooklier.

Ramirez has not been charged with the attack, but remains jailed for allegedly violating his parole.

Jose Romero, another defense attorney, said he didn't believe that prosecutors' decision to file charges would be determined only by the results of the lie-detector test.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said last week he was confident they had arrested the right man.

On Tuesday, KCAL-9 reported that Ramirez may be under investigation for attempted murder in Henderson, Nevada. Ramirez's attorneys said they were looking into that claim.

A previous version of this story paraphrased Attorney Romero as saying that the decision to file charges would not be influenced by the results of the lie detector test.


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