7 Sheriffs Deputies on Paid Leave in 'Aggressive Policing' Investigation

The Los Angeles Sheriffs Department is investigating the existence of a possible "clique" among gang deputies that celebrates aggressive tactics--and tattoos.

Seven Los Angeles county sheriffs deputies have been placed on leave.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a Sheriffs Department spokesman says they are suspected of being connected with the "Jump Out Boys," gang unit specialists that allegedly promote aggressive policing and shootings in their work.

They may also commemorate shootings with a gangster-style tattoo.

An insider told the Times that the Sheriffs Department called on members of the group to self-identify after a Times story based on an underground pamphlet created by the group.

One stepped forward, and identified six others, forming the group now on paid leave.

The Times sources an insider who said they all worked for the sheriffs' Gang Enforcement Unit at one time.

But no evidence currently exists to suggest that these deputies were involved in shootings.

The Los Angeles Police Department also has similar gang units that specialize in investigating gang-related crimes, including ones at the Northeast and Rampart divisions that serve Echo Park and Silver Lake.

They sometimes work undercover and rely on local knowledge and relationships to do the deep investigating gang-related crimes often require.

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