Blog: Luis Lopez, Please Stop the Mudslinging

How Luis Lopez and his campaign and surrogates indulge in distortion and mudslinging.

I think it’s time that Luis Lopez, his campaign, and his surrogates stop the lies, distortion and mudslinging. From day one, Luis has made false accusations toward his 51st Assembly District opponent Jimmy Gomez. Lately, his mudslinging has gotten a little out hand and just plain silly.

In a recent blog, one of his supporters, Peter Choi, made a ridiculous accusation. He decided to look up who Jimmy Gomez has given money to in the past. He noticed that some contributions had an address for Jimmy that was outside the district and did not match with where he was registered to vote.  

So, Mr. Choi wrongly jumped to conclusion and assumed Jimmy lied about is residency. Rather than looking for more facts, what does Mr. Choi decide to do? He files a complaint based on flawed reasoning and a lack of understanding of campaign finance with the District Attorney’s office. Mr. Choi claims that Jimmy is lying to the community about where he resides or resided during a certain time period.

First of all, had Mr. Choi done his due diligence, he would have discovered that the forms he cites are actually filled out and submitted by the campaigns and not the person making the contribution. Having worked in politics for some time, I know that it is common practice for campaigns to sometimes report the address listed on a check as the current address for the contributors. 

In other words, Jimmy Gomez must have used an old check when he made those contributions and those campaigns reported the address on the old check as his current address. This is also the explanation the Gomez campaign gave on a recent radio interview.  

So is making a contribution with an old check illegal—or does it show that someone is hiding something? Does that prove Mr. Choi’s accusation? Of course not. It means that Jimmy was just using an old checkbook. I have done this. I’m sure that many of you have, too. This brings me to my next point.

If we were to use Peter Choi’s argument, then the same can be said about Luis Lopez. I looked up all of Luis Lopez’s contributions and discovered that between 2003 and 2006 Luis made contributions with both an El Monte and Los Angeles address. In fact, on a single day in 2006, he made various contributions with two different addresses (See attached campaign disclosure statements).

Does that mean Luis was living in two different places at once? Does that mean Luis was lying about his residency? No, it probably means he was using an old checkbook or a different address.

If you would like to verify this yourself, here is the link to the Secretary of State’s website: http://dbsearch.ss.ca.gov/. Just click on the “Who’s Giving” tab and type in his name.

Furthermore, just because Mr. Choi filed “an official complaint” with the District Attorney’s Office doesn’t make it a valid complaint that has any merit. Anyone can make “an official complaint” with the District Attorney’s office. That doesn’t mean it’s a valid complaint.

I can file a complaint right now against Mr. Lopez for re-registering and moving into the 51st district one day before the deadline to file to run for office. Would it be an official complaint? Sure. Is there anything illegal about it? No. Just like it’s not illegal to use your an old checkbook.

So what does this all mean? Are Lopez or Gomez any less qualified or disqualified to run for office because they made contributions with old checks? No.

All this means is that Luis Lopez, his campaign and his surrogates are desperate, and calls into question their credibility and integrity. Instead of throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Jimmy Gomez to distract voters, why doesn’t Luis Lopez focus on the real issues that matter to our district?  

I’m sure if you ask most voters, they would rather hear about what the candidates plan to do about education and creating more jobs, instead of whether or not the candidates made contributions from different addresses.

Jimmy Gomez continues to talk about the real issues. Maybe if Luis Lopez had stuck to the issues, he wouldn’t have lost to Jimmy Gomez in nearly 90 percent of all the precincts in the June Primary. And just maybe, he still wouldn’t be losing to Jimmy by 13 percent in the most recent poll. (See attached pdf.)

I, for one, am tired of all the lies, distortion and mudslinging that come out of the Luis Lopez campaign. Please stop—it’s not too late to run on a platform with real issues.

Mark Gonzalez

Eagle Rock Resident & Voter

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Tom Mertz October 12, 2012 at 05:24 AM
I found out that Gonzalez is also a consultant and regular flak for Jimmy Gomez. It's not professional to not disclose this information in his piece and it doesn't say much about Gomez that he pays for this kind of hack job.
nonoise October 13, 2012 at 06:15 PM
I am not just referring to this race, it applies to every campaign race, mayor, city council, ect. Look at Mayor V and Councilmember Ed Reyes being voted in for 12 years when he has done a very poor job in his district. And, in a recent debate with 4 mayor candidates in Glassell Park, Councilmember Jan Perry played the race card with mentioning about "Jim Crow laws" in her background. What does that have to do with running for mayor? Nothing. Shame on candidates when they use the race card. And, shame on those that keep voting in the same people time after time that do a poor job just based on their race and gender. Yes, a hispanic will win this election. No problem with that. Problem is where each stands on the issues and basically there is little difference. Maybe honestly will be the only deciding factor here. And, so far it is difficult to see who is telling the truth and who is just throwing mud. Hope others keep posting more info. Do not vote based on race or gender. Vote on issues only.
nonoise October 13, 2012 at 06:20 PM
El Cid, we need to stop saying we need to empower a certain race or color. We need strong leaders of all races and colors. We need to give poor people a better education and empower them. There is a class warfare and not a race warfare. We need to unite and stop dividing based on race. We need to empower everyone. Stop the race baiting.
nonoise October 14, 2012 at 03:15 AM
I will have a wonderful "no noise day" when Divine Saviour Catholic Catholic Church turns off their noisy amplified sound system.
nonoise October 14, 2012 at 05:17 AM
El Cid, I did not misread your post. You said if Luis messes up you will not give him another chance. But yet, time after time, people keep voting in people based on their race even if they do a bad job.


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