Laptop Gone in Back Door Burglary

It happened around 8:15 p.m. in the 800 block of North Occidental Boulevard in Silver Lake.


Burglars have been busy this summer,

Open doors and windows create airflow--and extra risks.

That was confirmed yet again after a laptop was stolen from an apartment in the 800 block of North Occidental Boulevard on Saturday night.

According to an email from Maria Mota, LAPD Rampart's burglary expert, a man working on a computer in his bedroom heard noises in the living room.

He then saw a shadow and called out.

A neighbor observed a man fleeing with something tucked against his chest, possibly the man's laptop computer, which turned out to be missing.

According to the victim, the intruder must have entered through an open back door.

The message? As tempting as it may be in this heat, don't leave doors and windows open. 


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