Journalist Hosts Birthday Card Making Booth at the Satellite

Daiana Feur of Echo Park lets folks go wild with their best wishes on the eve of her 30th.


Daiana Feur, executive editor at music publication L.A. Record, is also known for her adventurous programming and roles in events like the Nu L.A. Folk Festival.

On Tuesday night at the Satellite in Silver Lake, Feur was keeping a slightly lower profile in anticipation of her 30th birthday.

She was manning a table--one of a number at a free community music night event last night--asking folks to handmake her a birthday card.

Feur provided construction paper, scissors, glitter and other decorative touches.

Clubgoers, ourselves included, got into it, as you can see above.

Today, Wednesday, Feb. 27, is actually Daiana's birthday. We congratulate her on another decade.

Meantime, keep an eye on the Satellite calendar for another free community night  (with RSVP) featuring bands but also dancers, tabling and lots of ambiance on a Tuesday next month.

Mondays are also remain free for the Satellite's traditional Monday night residency.

Harper Simon, son of Paul and a bit of a local, is there in March.

Click through for more info at the Satellite site.

Daiana Feuer February 27, 2013 at 09:11 PM
Awesome!!! Thanks!


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