SXSW 2013: Music Doc Could Give Silver Lake Barbershop Higher Profile

"Los Wild Ones" should bring broader awareness to indie label Wild Records and its young Latino musicians including Omar Romero, who runs the Virgil Village barbershop Vinny's.


Wild Records is an Los Angeles indie music label emphasizing young Latino musicians who write and perform 1950s classic rock 'n roll and rockabilly.

Reb Kennedy, an Irishman, founded the label in 2001.

Stop by Burbank's Viva Cantina some night and you will see the Wild scene at full throttle, with dancers channeling "Grease" in iconic '50s regalia.

The retro vibe extends to the label's output--most releases are on vinyl, many of them 45-rpm singles.

Los Wild Ones, a new documentary directed by Elise Salomon, about the label and its extended family, has its world premiere Monday at the South by Southwest Film Festival.

Salomon, who also produced Smashed,  followed Kennedy for nine months with cameras to capture Kennedy and the community he has built around the music.

Los Wild Ones is on a number of critics pick lists and could easily bring Wild and its artists to broader awareness.

It might also lead to longer lines at one local barbershop.

Omar Romero is one of Wild's star artists with his band, the Stringpoppers. He was the second artist to join the label and has also been Wild's Head Sound Engineer

His album Hog Wild was just recently re-released by Wild.

Romero also runs Vinny's, a barbershop on Virgil Street that specializes in vintage haircuts.

Alex Vargas, another Wild artist, works with him.

Not surprisingly you can also find Wild merchandise there.

Here's a quote from a recent rave on Yelp:

There is truly a sense of respect for the history of the barber shop and a sense of pride in the presentation at Vinny's. The barbers wear matching outfits and the shop is impeccably clean... A real workshop vibe. Love it.

Vinny's has a rotary phone, which they use to take advance appointments.

With the premiere of Los Wild Ones, they may be more necessary than ever.

Vinny's Barbershop is located at 852 N. Virgil in Virgil Village.


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