Strikers Remain Outside Silver Lake Hostess Plant as Firm Heads to Court

Displaced union members continue their vigil outside 2330 Ripple St., hoping for a quick sale that will protect their jobs.

Update: A bankruptcy court Monday afternoon asked Hostess and its bakers union to consider mediation to resolve its labor dispute, rather than liquidate and sell its assets

The sides will sit down and talk Tuesday, with production remaining shut down.

Strikers in Silver Lake's Frogtown, where one of the company's 33 bakeries is housed, had said they'd man picket lines until Tuesday, at least.

Earlier: The Twinkie is still trending, with homemade recipes circulating online.

Monday afternoon, Hostess Brands Inc. is expected to go to bankruptcy court, after filing a motion to liquidate Friday.

Sunday evening workers from the plant in Silver Lake's Frogtown were still outside, manning the picket line in shifts.

They gathered under a tarp, around space heaters, as the rain fell.

Many have been there since last week, when strikers from other plants helped them establish a picket line.

They say they hope the court proceedings will lead to a quick sale to protect local jobs in production, sanitation and packaging--and at the nearby outlet stores on San Fernando Road.

Both Mexico's Bimbo, as well as Flowers Foods, parent of Nature's Own, are said to be interested.

The Elysian Valley plant employed about a hundred workers, who specialized in Ho-Hos and Donettes, the tiny powder and chocolate-covered donuts.

As of Friday, the plant apparently still had a stockpile of the items, though strikers told us that people were seen driving lots of boxes out over the weekend.

Anthea Raymond November 20, 2012 at 01:50 AM
Hostess and its bakers union have agreed to mediation to attempt to resolve their labor dispute and perhaps avoid liquidation: http://www.latimes.com/business/money/la-fi-mo-twinkies-hostess-union-mediation-20121119,0,5350938.story


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