Tuesday Is National Comic Book Day 2012

Whether you love Spiderman, X-men or Batman, be sure to geek out with your favorite comics on this holiday.

Some of us are still recovering from the Comikaze Expo, Sept. 15-16, featuring comic book and sci-fi celebrities like Stan Lee and Todd McFarlane.

Now we get National Comic Book day

This geeky holiday is a great time for comic fans to honor their superhero, heroine or villain’s best stories--or simply the hand-drawn in popular culture.

The first-ever comic book superhero made his first appearance in 1938. While some characters have new looks, and some of their storylines have changed completely, comic enthusiasts can still share their love of their favorite characters, old and new

You have to wonder how they'll be celebrating today at Silver Lake's Secret Headquarters, a Southern California hub of comic book culture.

TELL US: Who is your favorite comic book character? Also, upload photos of your personal comic book collection.


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