'Fast and Furious 6' to Return to Echo Park

Carpenters recreate the garage featured in the first and fourth films at its original Angeleno Heights location for this sequel of a sequel.


Ever watched the first Fast and Furious film and wondered where those wonderful views of Downtown L.A. were shot from?

Well, locals have known the answer for a long time--the backyard of an Angeleno Heights home on East Kensington.

A garage there is also where a fair amount of action in the film occurs.

The Fast and Furious series made Vin Diesel and the automotive sport of "drifting" superstars and spawned a series of sequels, including FF4, which also has some Angeleno Heights footage.

And now "Fast 6" is coming back again, confirms Film L.A. Inc.

The producers and a construction crew are hard at work preparing for the Dec. 1 shoot.

Word is the plot line brings Dominic Toretto and crew back to their old neighborhood for a (possibly illegal) visit.

So producers are again reconstructing the garage created for the original film.

It no longer exists in the backyard between 718 and 722 East Kensington where both FF1 and FF4 were shot.

Portapotties and security guards have been out in front of the block for about a week now, making us curious about what was going on there.

Echo Park Silver Lake Patch stopped by recently and got the above snaps, as the carpenters and other workers studied stills from the original film as they worked.

Click through to see other images from Fast 6's filming here.

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Eric "Cashew" Harding November 13, 2012 at 05:58 PM


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