Bye-Bye Corner Pizzeria, Hello Big Mama’s!

A popular family-owned restaurant closes—but its owners' dream lives on.

Two years and nine months after it opened on the intersection of Colorado Boulevard and Caspar, adjacent to the long-running Eagle Rock Farmers’ Market, one of the neighborhood's favorite eateries has shut its doors.

Corner Pizzeria, whose bright-red and yellow walls were decorated with license plates from just about every state in the nation, baked its last pizza on Sept. 30.

The family-run restaurant now has a new set of owners. And they’re planning to start a Big Mama’s & Papa’s Pizzeria franchise on the property—but with a twist. Instead of a stand-alone BMPP franchise, the new venture will combine a pizzeria with a bar.

Modeled on the BJ’s chain of casual restaurants, the bar will be located in the vacant space next door, where Corner Pizzeria’s founder, Eddie Kadinyan, had planned to start a stylish restaurant called 5 Line. The proposed restaurant’s name is a tribute to the 5 Line “Yellow Cars” trolley system that once linked Eagle Rock to downtown Los Angeles and the City of Hawthorne.

The new pizzeria will be connected to the BJ’s-style bar by a common door, according to manager Alex Mehrabian. The two-in-one restaurant will retain the “5 Line” name, which will be combined in some way with BMPP. The upcoming restaurant, which will seat about 140 guests, is expected to be finished by February 2013.

The Corner Pizzeria sign is still outside the restaurant, but it won’t be there for longer than a week or two, Mehrabian said. Pizzas made with Big Mama’s & Papa’s ingredients are already being served, although the Corner Pizzeria menu has been retained—at least for now. Corner Pizzeria discount coupons are also being honored.

The new restaurant is being refurbished. Dining tables and chairs inherited from Corner Pizzeria will soon be replaced, and booths redone, according to Mehrabian. The red-brick wall facing Caspar Avenue will be fortified with 6-inch by 8-inch wooden beams.

To Corner Pizzeria lovers, the most glaring change so far is the sight of the restaurant’s walls. No longer do they sport the colorful license plates that Corner Pizzeria’s founder purchased on Ebay. The plates were all recently bought by a customer, manager Mehrabian said.

Asked why he sold Corner Pizzeria—especially without realizing his dream of opening 5 Line—Kadinyan said he was bought out by the new owners, whom he identified as a corporation consisting of three partners. “It was a good opportunity for me and my family,” he said. “We liked the price we got.”

julian martinez November 16, 2012 at 07:22 PM
To all that are concerned, I just want to circle back with you regarding your issues with our new Eagle Rock location. RE: parking, we are working with the city to figure out what needs to be done to address parking concerns. Currently, we are monitoring the traffic to determine what the parking needs will be and will make a decision once we have a better idea. As for the full liquor license, management has confirmed that we are approximately 1-1.5 months away from completing the full bar. We hope to have it up and serving drinks before the New Year=) Thank you all for your interest, we hope you give us a chance to be a contributing member of the Eagle Rock community! Sincerely, Julian Big Mama's Social Media Manager
Erin January 01, 2013 at 01:10 AM
Geez... so much negativity. If you go in and actually talk to the owner they are kind and helpful. Our family went to corner pizza and now Big Mama's. If you had asked you would know that the reason Corner Pizza had the same basic menu is because they modeled Corner pizza after Big mama's as the owner used to own a Big mama's franchise. The pizza is delicious. The slices are perfect for a family of 4 who all like different toppings. They have vegan cheese which enables me to enjoy pizza. And why does anyone care about the parking? Anyways... I couldn't believe how negative everyone was and had to post my support.
Aro January 05, 2013 at 04:51 AM
Thank you Erin. Aro
julian martinez January 16, 2013 at 02:22 AM
Thank you ALL for the support, questions, interest in our Eagle Rock location! We are proud to announce that the Pizzeria is having its soft opening this week, with the FULL BAR (!!) "5 Line at BMPP" tentatively scheduled for May 15 opening! We will be organizing a Grand Opening Event in a few months to introduce ourselves to the neighborhood! Hope to see you soon! Julian Big Mama's Social Media Manager
AM February 05, 2013 at 09:53 PM
I think it's funny how so many people are complaining about a business coming in and "taking over", parking... real issues. It's not Walmart people, the owner SOLD the place, so... Maybe if we all hold hands and stand outside his house he'll tear up the contract and the Goonies won't have to move. Believe me I understand the concerns as I've lived in this neighborhood for 30 years, but nobody complained when Coldstone and Quizno's opened so we could all pay $10 for ice cream and $12 for a sandwich - both of which were NEVER that good to begin with - or the 8 or so Starbuck's within a friggin' 3 mile radius, the countless stores that have closed in the last few years so that all the hipsters moving in from Silverlake could open overpriced "vintage" clothing stores up and down the block. Everyone is elitist about SOMETHING and at the same time hypocritically complains about something else just like it. The solution is simple: DON'T EAT THERE.


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