Brightwell's Map: Cypress Park

Our advertiser Eric Brightwell runs a men's shop in Silver Lake. He also makes fabulous, eclectic maps of L.A.'s neighborhoods.


The debate on our site today about Cypress and Elysian parks reminded us how passionately our readers care about our local geography.

They also reminded us of a tool toward that understanding--a fabulous series of maps of L.A. neighborhoods.

They're handdrawn by one of our advertisers, Eric Brightwell, who also owns Brightwell, a men's shop on Rowena Avenue in Silver Lake.

We post Eric's map of Cypress Park here, along with the ones for the Elysian Valley and Elysian Heights.

We also like Brightwell's notion that there's a "Near Eastside" and share that image too.

Click throught to see Brightwell's entire collection here.

And while you're at it, why not check out his Brightwell men's store Facebook page too.


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