PHOTOS: Water Park is New for Pride Festival

A water park area near the main entrance to the LA Pride Festival features inflatable pools, water slide, bouncy house, DJ and bartenders.

This year’s LA Pride Festival in West Hollywood Park has a new attraction – a water park.

This water park features two giant water slides – one a sinking-Titanic shaped slide and the other a pyramid-shaped slide with a bouncy house underneath.

Inflatable wading pools filled with water and pool play toys are there too, along with a lifeguard even though the water is only three-feet deep.

There are also inflatable lounge chairs in the Astroturfed area. To make it feel like a real pool party, there’s a DJ spinning dance tunes and a bartender serving drinks. 

“This is a great idea,” said Kaden Michaelson of Silver Lake. “It’s relaxing. It’s a nice break from Pride for a little while.”

The “Summer Tramp Pride” area is the idea of Andreas Rigao, who also does the three-year old Summer Tramp water park in a downtown Los Angeles parking lot on the last Sunday of each month during the summer.

“Summer Tramp is a people’s party,” said Rigao. “It’s a place for people to be themselves, relax, have fun and celebrate summer.”

The water park seems to be a hit among festival goers anxious to cool off after being in the sun or just get away from the hustle and bustle of the Pride festival.

So, those headed to the second day of the Pride festival may want to throw a bathing suit and towel in their backpack. But be aware, there are no lockers in the area. People are responsible for watching their own belongings even while in the water.


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