Echo Park's Magic Mural

Local street art collective washes Glendale Boulevard in surrealism.


If you’ve spent anytime working and playing in Echo Park, you’ve surely seen the colorful transformation of Bedrock Studios off Glendale Boulevard this past month.

Set against a stark, kaleidoscope background, visions of snakes and their brainy looking flesh bounce of the walls to send a message: “Magic Is Real.”

Because of its sheer size (11,000 square feet), it's quite a statement to beam out in a neighborhood that’s famous for having an eclectic sense of energy. So what's the deal?

Gaining steam to promote their upcoming exhibit named "Organized Chaos", it's been created by the L.A. street-art collective named Cyrcle who’ve placed their work on the streets of France and Hong Kong. Fresh off the heels of a successful exhibit in Beverly Hills, this gigantic street canvas is easily their most ambitious and successful to date.

As told to our sistren at The Huffington Post, their summary of what we have here is this:

In regards to the design... The statement magic is real is a nod to life itself and an explanation between science and God. The snake eating its tail is the ouroboros -- an alchemic creature of mythology. It represents self sufficiency and perfection, but flesh is weak and life is fragile. Hence the sections of anatomy, muscle, organs, bone and atoms seen throughout the piece. What makes up life is truly magical.


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