Pet Shop Boys' New Album Named After Elysian Park

A band member calls "Elysium" one of the group's most beautiful.


Electronic pop pioneers the Pet Shop Boys have a new album.

It's called Elysium, and, in an exclusive interview with the Huffington Post, band member Neil Tenant reveals that it's named after Elysian Park--more or less.

Tenant says that the band had another name in mind when they took a stroll through the park earlier this year.

They decided to shoot some photos there and then became keen on the idea of "Elysium," or "afterlife," which has the same Greek root as Elysian.

In the above video interview, Tenant describes the album--produced by Andrew Dawson, who has also worked with Kanye West--as one of the band's "most beautiful."

Elysian Park isn't far from Los Angeles State Historic Park, where this weekend the increasingly electronic FYF Fest, which began as a neighborhood festival in Echo Park with a name you couldn't say on the radio, is going down.

(Thanks to the Eastsider LA and Downtown Blog's Eric Richardson for the heads up on this one.)


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