Elysian Park's Tumbleweed Snowmen Check in After Storm Delay

The annual assemblage was delayed by Thursday's big winds. Thanks to the Eastsider LA for helping with this report.

We were fretting last Thursday about whether the big wind storm would delay the assembly of Elysian Park's annual tumbleweed snowmen.

So we drove over to the Recreation and Parks facility near Academy and Solano roads about 11 a.m. and learned the horrible truth.

The answer was "Yes."

There was no one to be found.

Well, there's good news today.  As the EastsiderLA reports, volunteers were hard at work Tuesday assembling what will be four snowmen.

According to the Eastsider, that's one more than last year, when volunteers first stepped in to help after cuts at the Department of Rec and Parks.

The Eastsider says the snowmen will show up later this week after painting and accessorizing.

Let us know if you see one and post a picture here.


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