Silver Lake Jubilee Gears Up With Murals, Town Meeting

Festival leadership meets with community members Wednesday night. Around the same time, local artist Dcypher will be painting a wall for the Festival at Silver Lake Boulevard and Parkman Avenue.

The third Silver Lake Jubilee is gearing up for its Memorial Day weekend shows, with a focus on ticket sales and outreach.

Festival leadership will host a community Town Hall at the at Silverlake Independent Jewish Community Center at  1110 Bates Ave. Wednesday night.

Hoping to maintain good will in a neighborhood that still remembers the Sunset Junction Street Fair, they'll map out the festival's new layout.

It includes free "Block Party" area with a community stage and other entertainment as well as community groups.

The organizers will also explain the paid-entry area discounts of up to $6 available to residents in the 90026, 90027, 90029 and 90039 zip codes and to Metro commuters.

Read more ticket prices and those discounts here.

Producer Jack Martinez says he expects about 15,000 people to attend the Jubilee this year, which features largely local musicians, writers and craftspeople.

Earlier Wednesday, Echo Park Patch caught up with Martinez at the corner of Silver Lake Boulevard and Parkman Avenue.

He was hanging with local artist Dcypher, who was again painting the wall there for the Festival, as he did last year.

Dcypher spent Tuesday up the street, doing the same for the wall outside the El Cid Restaurant.

Click through to see pics of that monochromatic masterpiece here.

El Cid will be one of four music stages in paid-entry section of the Jubilee. The Eagle nightclub will also host some indoor performances

As mentioned above, there will also be community stage in the free Block Party area, with youth writers and rockers a highlight.

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Gab March 22, 2012 at 04:08 AM
I am going to say very honestly that I frowned on the entry fee until I went and read through all the things they were able to put sponsorship money to.... I appreciate the transparancy. One of the BIG issues that people had with Sunset Junction was the required entry fee that supposedly funded some youth programs that no one really knew exactly what they were or how much went to them. I also know that a lot of residents of the immediate zip codes were very peeved that there wasn't at least a discount for us.... so that I appreciate also. My one major recommendation would be to try to reduce the "administrative costs" to 3% and increase the communtiy outreach & marketing expense to 2% and let more people know just how much gets put to worthy purposes. Might help drive even more people there to the event.
Anthea Raymond March 22, 2012 at 04:16 AM
@Gab--Thanks for that comment. I just came back from the Town Hall. Not so many showed up, but it was clear that few who did knew about the many discounted and free options the Jubilee was offering. Organizers have also canvassed immediately adjacent businesses and neighborhoods with flyers explaining a lot of this. So, yes, it's worth reading their website.
Gab March 22, 2012 at 04:39 AM
Ok but they need to do even more... and not just the "immediately adjacent"... I would strongly encourage them to get out flyers out to all the local schools public and private and charter and pre-schools within the 3 zipcodes that get discounted tickets. And on those flyers it needs to include at least a partial list of projects the money the got funded.... I believe that is CRITICAL... that was one of the biggest downfall issues of Sunset Junction. PLUS... it is a FANTASTIC marketing vehicle for the event! If they can print 5,000 - 10,000 and distribute them liberally to the schools and post them (legally) near the schools that should help their traffic count... even if only to the "free" section.


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