Roundup: Best Cheap Date Spots in Echo Park

Why can't love flourish under a budget?

Pazzo Gelato. (File Photo).
Pazzo Gelato. (File Photo).
There's no shortage of great date spots in Echo Park, but where are the best places if one's heart says yes, but their wallet says, "things are a little tight this month?"

Opine LA on Tuesday posted a pretty thorough guide to frugal dating in the neighborhood where a good dinner costs less than $15 a person as well as a few sweeter options that cost even less.

Other spots are noted more for their affordable ambiance than their consumables.

The list of nearly two dozen establishments include: Sage with its offerings of $14 or less dinner items, Stories for its great outdoor patio and Pazzo Gelato where scoops are $1.50 from 4-5 p.m. every day.

Click here to read the full list.

Tell us what you think. What's your favorite cheap date spot in Echo Park or Silver Lake?


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