Public Visits Echo Park Lake Project

About 125 of the intensely curious combed the project site Thursday.


Locals got a rare chance to tour the Echo Park Lake construction site Thursday morning.

Visitors went out in five waves starting at 9 o'clock, passing off hardhats from one group to the next.

The Department of Public Works and the Citizens Oversight Committee received an overwhelming response to their invitation for the tour, with over 125 responding.

Echo Park-Silver Lake Patch joined the 9:30 a.m. group, which included former Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce president Cheryl Revkin, and long-time Echo Park residents Luiza Padilla-Mavropoulos and Oscar Torres.

Council District 13 candidate Emile Mack also joined in for the approximately half-hour trip.

Highlights included stops at the Peninsula, the Boardwalk and the Boathouse.

The Peninsula is wedged between two planned wetlands at the north end of the lake. On its right is the the soon-to-be restored lotus bed.

From the north, the Lady of the Lake statue will overlook the lake's signature fountain to the south. That fountain will be lit with colored lights, according to one of our guides.

Our second stop, the Boardwalk, is just west of where Echo Park and Park avenues meet. When it is complete, tanks underneath it will reclaim and purify water from Echo Park and Glendale Boulevard sewers before it enters the lake.

Our final stop, the Boathouse, is on the east side of the lake near Echo Park Avenue. Already fully restored, it now features a fully up-to-code kitchen, Hoagi Abdallah, of the Bureau of Engineering, told us.

According to Abdallah, bidding to operate the boathouse concession will open shortly. Unknown is whether one vendors will get the right to sell food and rent boats.

Also still open to question is whether the Department of Recreationa and Parks will allow cycling around the approximately 3/4-mile path around the lake.

According to our guides, it will be made of a porous material that may not be suitable for bikes.

After the tours, many headed over to the Echo Park Recreational Center for a Q&A hosted by the Citizens Advisory Committee.

Some Lake neighbors hoped to raise concerns about the dust raised during the project, as well as the re-location of the lake's turtles.

We'll be posting a photo essay by Gary Leonard with more photos of our tour and others.

But meantime, enjoy the above video we shot, of a tractor hard at work on the lakebed Thursday morning.

Dig it!


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Vincent Montalvo August 17, 2012 at 06:57 AM
I would like to make a few point about Propostion O/Echo Park lake. 1. They have handled our fish and wild life poorly. They have violated many California Department of fish and game codes with the handling of our ducks and fish. I recently brought up that i had seen turtles on the project site our understanding was that all turtles where all adopted. I took some pictures because there where two dead turtles and there enviorment was not a healthy one. After I made this comment they where all removed. 2. They have put the Echo Park community Health at risk with all the dust from the project site. You must keep in mind what lead can do to our children and the toxic dust can do to our lungs. Please read the report (EIR) on Echo park Lake and you will find that lead hot spots where found all over the lake. I wish i had the time to write more because there is alot more that is going wrong with this project. I have one more thing to add did anybody see the little girl she must have been 4 or 5 walking in the tour on the project site. I may i remind everybody the site has lead! and its flying all around the site and even in to our community. I ask that you try to attend these meeting they are very important yours and childrens health. I also ask that you do your research these are no laughing matters.
Anthea Raymond August 17, 2012 at 07:15 AM
@Vincent-Nice meeting you today. Thanks for fleshing out the issues for us here. @Julian-Bike riding is still an open question, according to what I heard today. One of the Bureau of Engineering staff members leading out tour, said he would get back to me with more information.
EPgirl August 17, 2012 at 07:30 AM
Vincent, can you cite your sources? This sounds like it should be taken seriously, and not a comment to just be deleted, even if you can't cite a source. Anyone else knwo about this?
Vincent Montalvo August 18, 2012 at 04:55 PM
I have worked on many lake clean up, fish removal, and wildlife relocation project in the state of california to know what is going wrong on a project site. I also follow all state and federal laws that govern all fish and wildlife plus many year. I give you one example of how bad they plan. I attended on August 16 2012 walking tour of the project site. I seen a little girl about 4 to 5 years of age on the project site remember echo park lake has lead. we all know what lead dose to children. I told everybody who question me to go to http://www.lapropo.org/sitefiles/EchoParkLake/intro.htm and read project objectives and find the word lead
Vincent Montalvo August 18, 2012 at 05:02 PM
People should also question the dust that is flying around. Its coming off the project site which we all know has lead and other harmful contaminants http://www.lapropo.org/sitefiles/EchoParkLake/intro.htm I have told many people to attend the propostion o/ Echo Park meetings so that they may educate them self on the issues. I also tell evrybody dont believe me do your research it all there.


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