Multigenerational Homes on the Rise

Latino families are leading the way, with nearly a quarter living in households with at least three generations.


AOL's Real Estate blog wrote earlier this week about the national rise in so-called "multigenerational households."

Currently 16 percent of Americans share their home with at least three generations of family members, says the article quoting the Pew Data Center.

Experts say the recent economic downturn has pushed folks back into living patterns that pre-date World War II, when 25 percent of Americans lived with generations of family members.

The article also notes that one survey found 23.4 percent of Latino households and 25.9 are currently multigenerational.

That's significantly higher than the U.S. overall.

The Pew study attributes that to a rising immigrant population and the stronger family values of Asian and Latino cultures.

TELL US: Do you live in a multigenerational household? Do you think there are cultural differences in attitudes about living with family members from different generations?


Cheryl Ortega November 30, 2012 at 03:47 PM
The enduring American myth is of the younger generation leaving behind the past and striking out for adventure and a new life. 19th century Europeans left for the New World in ships. 19th centuryYankees left for the West in covered wagons. Post WWII midwesterners left for California. This "leaving" mentality contributes to the iconic "independant American." Couple this with the notion that there is nothing wrong with young adults, especially women, living on their own. There is less of all of this thinking in recent immigrant. families where generations live together for cultural and economic reasons.
Jayne Clement Realtor November 30, 2012 at 06:54 PM
Both the "independent American" (as mentioned eloquently above by Cheryl) and the multi-generational lifestyle have their pluses and minuses for members of each. And while I think that I personally would go out of my mind living with my family, I also am privy to the beauty of this arrangement.


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